Alteryx Designer 11.5 Release

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The Alteryx Analytics platform latest release note is Alteryx Designer 11.5. Here you will learn the keyfeatures and the new enchancements compared to old one.

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Key Features:

SDK Support:

In Alteryx Designer 11.5 there are two new SDKs are available now:
>> The beta version of the HTML GUI SDK consists of a library of HTML widgets which can be used to create a Graphical User Interface for configuring a custom tool.
Get/SetConfiguration: This tool uses GetConfiguration and SetConfiguration to create a tool. 
BeforeLoad with data item: This tool uses BeforeLoad with a data item to create a tool.
Widget with Data Item: This tool uses a widget tag and a data item to create a tool. etc...

>> The alpha version of the Python SDK is available along with the Admin version of Alteryx, which can also be used to create a custom tool with the Python programming language.
The Python SDK Example tool assigns a unique identifier to each record. It is an example tool that was created using the HTML GUI SDK and the Python SDK.

SDK documentation is available here. Submit your feedback on these SDKs here.

New and Enhanced Data Sources:

Snowflake is now supported for standard and in-database connections.

DataSources >> Snowflake:

Type of Support: Read & Write; In-Database
Validated On: Database version 2.2.1
ODBC client version
Connection Type: ODBC (32- and 64-bit)
Driver Details: The ODBC driver can be downloaded from Snowflake.
In-Database processing requires 64-bit Alteryx with 64-bit database drivers.
Driver Configuration Requirements: For In-database processing, and to avoid errors when writing data with the Output Data Tool, you must specify a Warehouse, Schema, and Database in the driver.

In-database support is now available for Pivotal Greenplum.

DataSources >> Pivotal Greenplum:

Type of Support: Read & Write
Supported Versions: 8.2.15
Client Versions:
Connection Type: ODBC (32 and 64 bit)
Driver Details: The ODBC driver can be downloaded from Pivotal.

In-database support is now available for PostgreSQL. (Select Greenplum as the Data Source.)

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DataSources >> PostgreSQL:

Type of Support: Read & Write
Supported Versions: 9.4
Client Versions: 9.4.1
Connection Type: ODBC (32 and 64 bit)
Driver Details: The ODBC driver can be downloaded from PostgreSQL.

Amazon Redshift Bulk connections and the Amazon S3 Upload tool now support SSE-KMS server-side encryption.

Tool Enhancements

The Visual Layout tool has been upgraded with the goal that you can resize a graph, image, legend, or content reporting component after it is set on the report page, and quickly visualize the change. Update: This device is in the Laboratory class and is not for generation utilize. It might have documented known issues, may not be include finished, may not be in backwards compatible, and is liable to change.

Other Enhancements

A new User Setting was added so that double-clicking Alteryx file types (.yxmd, .yxmc, .yxwz, .yxzp, .yxi) will open them as a new workflow tab within an existing Designer instance.
You can now access saved Oracle OCI and SQL Server ODBC connections when configuring In-DB connections.

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Additional Changes

* The Explorer Box tool URL now defaults to the Alteryx Community.
 Multiple one-tool examples were added:

>> Map Legend Splitter and Map Legend Builder (combined into one example)
>> Report Header
>> Report Footer
>> Render

 The Data Cleansing tool has been improved to incorporate non-Latin alphabet characters while expelling letters. 
 Improvements have been made to password protection support for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle associations. 
 Another Message function and six new date/time capacities were included. 
 VARCHAR(MAX) is currently supported in SQL Server 2016. 
 You would now be able to make tables by means of in-database in Hive if ORC is the default file format. 
 An issue where extra Japanese characters were added to Excel information has been fixed. 
 The Redshift Bulk Loader never again evacuates "" characters when reading in data. 
Execution has been enhanced for the SharePoint List tools.

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