AngularJS vs. Angular 2

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Technology is blooming at a very fast speed. In the present scenario, developers are able to take the full benefits of same when it comes to developing most scalable web page applications. Actually, frameworks such as AngularJS and Angular 2 have played a very significant role in this matter. You might have no idea but AngularJS is a popular framework maintained by Google and angular 2 is nothing but the advanced version of Angular JS. However, there are a few things that put them separate from each other.

AngularJS vs. Angular 2

Although both are almost equally powerful, using them can be different depending on the type of results. In this post, we will put some spotlight to let you understand how AngularJS and Angular 2 are different from each other.

Architecture Limitations

Angular 2 has a better architectural framework. Actually, there were some of the key issues related to same in the AngualrJS. Google has improved a lot in Angular 2. The current version available has some of the visible changes which are actually not compatible with AngularJS. Google claimed that Angular 2 has eight fold speed boot for both updating pages, as well as rendering. A tool is presently available through which both the framework can be merged with each other and its possible to use Angular 2 on web pages developed through AngularJS.

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AngularJS 1 Vs AngularJS 2

Angular S has some of the excellent features than AngularJS. The API’s has been made extremely simpler. When it comes to debugging, programmers have no reason to worry about anything. The powerful template is another best thing about Angular 2.

Improvements Related To Performance

One of the key problems in AngularJS is bootstrap was not platform specific which often degrade the performance. However, the same has been made specific to platform in the new version i.e. Angular 2. As far as the matter of mobile support is concerned, JS works well when it comes to two-way binding and responsive designs but lacks mobile support. For running on mobiles, it largely depends on libraries. On the other side, Angular 2 has mobile friendly architecture. Libraries such as Native Script are capable to boost mobile development.  This is one of the leading features in angular 2 when compared with Angular JS.

AngularJS Improvements

Rendering The Similar Code in  Different Manner

Angular 2 is widely appreciated by a huge community of programmers all over the world. The reason is it enables them to render the similar codes in different manners without facing any issue. In addition to this, coding can actually be done quickly when compared to Angular JS.

Angular 2 AngularJS
It is faster than AngularJS in every aspect As compared to Angular 2, Angular JS is not fast.
Has extended mobile support It lacks mobile support
Syntax are similar to JAVA Syntax doesn’t match the same in AngularJS
It is totally component based programming It uses component based programming up to a limit.
Classes are well-defined in Angular 2 Classes are not well-defined when compared to AngularJS.

Key Difference

Developers are considering Angular 2 in the present time mainly because it doesn’t depend on $ scope. In AngularJS, it is considered to glue controller and view. Actually, Angular 2 has enabled programmers to save their valuable time by writing less codes and attaining maximum scalability for the similar projects. Angular 2 always make sure of faster entities

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Dependency Injection

There are numerous opportunities for object-based work, as well as for components in Angular 2. This is due to the enhanced dependency injection. There are total three parts in the injection in case of Angular 2. There are injectors which consist of APIs. The same is used to inject the dependencies. The best thing in the case of Angular 2 when compared with AngularJS is the object only needs to be passed through injector view, while in case of AngularJS, developers first have to pass through the same from constructor’s components. May be every developer should be updated through AngularJS Training to keep them updated in the tech field.

This is how both AngularJS and Angular 2 are different from one another. You can now choose the one that you finds suitable for you. Angular 2 must be considered for developing latest web page applications. However, AngularJS has better support as there are lots of programmers who are familiar with it. Angular 2 on the other side is new technology but it has features better than AngularJS.

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