Difference AngularJS vs Factory

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Intro to AngularJS service vs. factory

Since last few years, the internet users have increased rapidly. A lot of people in the present scenario perform a lot of tasks through World Wide Web. This is exactly what that make businesses adopt simply the best framework and technologies to come out with most scalable web applications. The reason behind this is very simple and i.e. adding more clients through the internet and help existing ones to get all the information they need or to access the services online. Obviously, this needs a proper implementation of everything. In you are using AngularJS approach, there are certain things you need to consider and Angular Service and Factory is among them. Check out the difference between the two in below paragraphs.

There are certain things which make Angular Service different from the factory. Angular plans to make HTML WebPages more dynamic and in this way more valuable to the programmers, while likewise giving a solid structure through which components can be made rapid and effective in all the aspects. The front-end developers are presently looking for approaches to consider interfaces immediately when the JavaScript coding can generally be exceptionally tedious and complex as well. 

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What is Angular service?

Angular service is a well-known approach that is useful for us when it comes to keeping the data across the app permanently. Data can easily be transferred, controlled or communicated across the controllers in a very reliable and meaningful way through Angular Service. In addition to this, developers always have the freedom to consider it for sharing, as well as organizing the functions and data across the application. One thing you need to keep in mind in that it’s basically a singleton object and in actual sense, it gets represented only once per application. However, when this is compared with an Angular function, developers can represent it again and again in an application. Developers often call it a lazy approach as it consumes a lot of time. 

Similarity between Angular Service and Factory

As compared to functions, Service is a bit confusing. Basically, it is very easy to register the objects as factories and services in Angular. Both of them bear a similar behavior and this is exactly the reason most of the users proceed don’t look into detail while considering them. Actually, Services are different from factories in many ways. If both are compared, there are certain things that become clear. The very first thing is both service and factory are singletons. There are a lot of developers and programmers who are using them both for modeling the behavior of an object. Although both contain state variables which are internal, writing the code in both the cases is extremely different.

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Understanding the factory

Basically, Angular factory is a function which provides a value which gets injected into the objects. The code can be made more recognizable very easily. Factory is basically very simple to work with when compared to Service. There are certain things that add a lot to its overall features and make it simply the best. 

Service is basically a very simple approach in which take a function and a name that clearly defines the service after which it is possible for developers to inject and use the same service into directives, controllers, filters and several other components. One thing which is clear from this is factory is not a constructor function whereas service is. 

Which one to consider?

There is nothing wrong to say that a lot of developers consider factory over Service. The reason is very simple and i.e. it is possible to run the code prior to returning the object literally.  Many users believe the same is not possible in case of service. Return object literals is also possible in case of Services. Therefore it is possible to take the service code and consider it in a similar manner as in case of function.

This is how both these approaches are different from one another. There are certain facts listed in the post here which you can consider to know the exact difference. It must be noted that both seem very similar in a number of things but in a real sense, several factors make them different from each other. Angular Service and function both are powerful in performing their task if you know how to use them wisely.

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