AngularJS VS ReactJS

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AngularJS VS ReactJS

It is quite true that for any business in the present time, it is necessary to have a right framework for a novel JavaScript system. There are certain things to pay attention too and business often fails to keep up the pace because of issues like complex codes, code maintenance as well as overall durability of the project. Selecting the most appropriate technology is therefore vital. You might have no idea that AngularJS and React JS has gained a lot of popularity in enabling businesses meeting such needs. This doesn’t actually mean both can be put equal in every aspect. Actually, there are certain things that make them different from each other. In this post, both the technologies are compared to let you know which one is best and why.

When it comes to performance, both can be considered with closed eyes. There are several advanced features both React and Angular are equipped with which in fact makes them preferable all over the world. As per a recent survey, ReactJS has more users than AngularJS. However, the latest update of AngularJS i.e. Angular 2 has been ranked as the number two most famous framework across the globe after ASP.NET.

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What makes AngularJS more popular?

The biggest and in fact the true factor that contributes in this matter is nothing but the global support community of AngularJS. A lot of developers are out there which call it one of the finest frameworks in every aspect. Actually, many designers are working with developers and are also contributing to enhancing the overall reliability, as well as the credibility of AngularJS. It is equipped with a unique feature and i.e. two-way data binding which makes it simple to work with. Also, AngularJS is considered as a full-fledged framework. It contains many top class features when compared to ReactJS. In addition to this, it simply prompts rendering.

Factors that make ReactJS better:

On the other side, ReactJS is simple and faster than AngularJS. Also, it is simple quick and reliable to work with. The complexity of AngularJS is one of the leading factors that make several programmers and developers across the globe simply say no to it. A lot of emphases is required to make the apps safe as well as reliable and this is another problem with AngularJS. In addition to this, there is another factor that makes ReactJS a wise choice and i.e. its ability to enable developers understands the ways codes can be reduced.

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In addition to these, there are other two major factors that contribute a lot to making ReactJS simply the best. The first one is its SEO-friendly approach. Yes, it’s true that ReactJS always ensure outcomes that are friendly with search engines. Thus you can always make sure of having top web rankings of your website without doing much. Another feature it has is nothing but its efficiency. It is widely regarded as one of the highly efficient frameworks. Facebook has given a lot of emphasis on making it stand alone against other frameworks. Moreover, a lot of costs can be saved if you know how to consider ReactJS properly.

Skills required in both these approaches:

One of the very well-known facts about the ReactJS is it’s not a full-fledged framework just like AngularJS. Therefore integrating MVC framework with UI library of ReactJS needs a lot of programming skills. Also, it’s a time-consuming process. This doesn’t actually mean that handling AngularJS is an easy job. Basically using both these technologies has become a major challenge for those who don’t have a lot of experience in programming. The one simple reason is both of them lack a comprehensive guide. Also, there are a few protocols associated with both which is actually very complex and need a lot of expertise for their clear understanding.

Both AngularJS and ReactJS are capable to provide approaches that are different. Actually, both these technologies have contributed to making web development superior since past few years. If you are a small-scale business owner, you can proceed with any of these options. In a real sense, none of them is superior to other. It is also possible to integrate them with other frameworks in case the need of same is felt.

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