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Basic Architecture Of AWS

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Basic Architecture Of AWS

AWS is simply called Amazon Web Services which also have a set of cloud services and are mostly invested by startups, top-notch companies, and government agencies as well. It is completely a cloud services platform which is secured and will offer computer power, content delivery, database storage and other functionality in a bid to enhance business development within a short duration. This AWS platform is also built with amazing applications such as reliability, flexibility, and scalability. With the just few clicks with Amazon Web Services technology, one can perform any services like data warehousing to deployment tools and content delivery to directories etc.

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Brief Information about AWS Architecture

Below diagram is the basic structure of AWS architecture where it provides cloud computing services accordingly.

Basic Structure of AWS Architecture

It is considered as the basic structure of AWs architecture or AWS EC2. Simply, EC2 is also called as Elastic Compute cloud which will allow the clients or else the users of using various configurations in their own project or method as per their requirement. There are also different amazing options such as pricing options, individual server mapping, configuration server etc. S3 which is present in the AWS architecture is called as Simple Storage Services. By using this S3, users can easily retrieve or else store data through various data types using Application Programming Interface calls. There will be no computing element for the services as well.

Let’s see about each and every component of AWS architecture

Load Balancing:

The load balancing component in the AWS architecture helps to enhance the application and the server’s efficiency in the right way. According to the diagrammatic representation of AWS architecture, this Hardware load balancer is mostly used as the common network appliance and helps to perform skills in the architectures of the traditional web applications. It also makes sure to deliver the Elastic Load Balancing Service, AWS takes the traffic gets distributed to EC2 instances across the various available sources. Along with this, it also distributes the traffic to dynamic addition and the Amazon EC2 hosts removals from the load-balancing rotation.

Amazon Cloud Front:

Amazon Cloud Front is mostly used for the delivery of content which is directly used for the website delivery. The content in the Amazon Cloud Front can also be the type of content such as static, dynamic as well as streaming content that can also take the usage of global network locations as well. From the user end, the content can be requested in an automatic way based on the nearest location that also shows the diverse effect on the performance which will be enhancing in the right way. There will be no commitments in the monthly wise and the contracts.

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Elastic Load Balancer:

Elastic Load Balancer is mainly used to deliver the required traffic to the web servers and it also helps to improve the performance in the large manner. This Elastic Load Balancing can easily have a growth in a dynamic way and also the load-balancing capacity can be shrunk based on the certain traffic conditions.

Security Management:

It also makes sure to provide a security feature namely known as security groups. It will also work same as the inbound network firewall and will also have to specify the ports, protocols and also source IP ranges where all these can be reached to the EC2 instances. With the help of specific subnets or else IP addresses, the security groups can be configured that can also limit the access to EC2 instances effectively.

Elastic Caches:

Amazon Elastic Cache is the efficient web service where the memory cache can be managed in the cloud with ease. This cache plays the vital role in terms of memory management and will also help to reduce the services load in a reliable manner. It also makes sure to enhance the performance along with the scalability on the tier of the database by caching the information which is used in a frequent manner.

Frequently Asked AWS Interview Questions

Amazon RDS:

Amazon Relational Database Service helps to deliver the same access that is similar to the MySql, Microsoft SQL Server database engine or else Microsoft SQL. These applications, queries, and tools will be useful in the Amazon RDS as well.

These are the important points to make a note for Web Hosting in AWS:

  • There will be no physical network devices and also multiple options are available to make sure of quality software solutions
  • AWS makes sure to provide more secure model efficiently
  • AWS EC2 instances can also be easily available at the most availability zones in the AWS region and also delivers the model in a bid to deploy the application accordingly.

Components of AWS Architecture

When will the incur costs in an EIP address?

This incurs costs in the elastic IP address when there is a more usage of one Elastic IPs with instances, Elastic IP gets attached itself to the instance which is stopped and the Elastic IP which is not attached to any instance.

What is the importance of AWs architecture?

AWS architecture diagrams are mostly used to enhance the solution with the help of powerful drawing tools, plenty of pre-designed icons of Amazon and the various simple icons that are used for the creation of the AWS diagrams of the Architecture.

AWS Architecture also makes sure to provide the incredible services based on the web technologies, uploading and unloading of virtual servers, the selection service and the service of transferring messages etc. Moreover, the resources of the AWS can be available through the worldwide and can also be able to deploy solutions exactly where the customers are required of them.

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Here are the main benefits of AWS Architecture and its uses:

  • It has a wide range of benefits from the massive economies of the scale
  • It also helps to stop guessing capacity and can easily achieve higher economic rates which can easily translate from the lower prices to the upper prices.
  • It can easily enhance the agility and the speed that can reduce the time to complete a task.
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