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AWS Certified Makes a Difference

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AWS Certified

IT is a dynamic industry, and one has to continually update their skills to meet the new requirements in their career. With the onset of most significant IT player; AWS and its potential job market offering endless job opportunities, many IT aspirants are keen to move into the cloud computing Infrastructure.  AWS is undeniably a promising career and getting the right guidance helps you to establish as a successful cloud architect or cloud administrator depending on the level of expertise. 

Having Cloud certification is an added advantage to meet the growing demand for cloud computing jobs with fewer cloud professionals. If you're certified, there are endless opportunities, and you get paid handsomely. To get AWS certified one needs to master the skills one at a time by gaining hands-on experience and complete understanding of the technology. In this article, let's see how you can get certified and the difference it makes. 

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In AWS it’s excellent to conquer the in and out of the concepts and how to get acquainted with the system. The more understanding you gain, the better it gets. To master AWS 

 you need to be certified on anyone among the five to gain expertise which is required to move to the next level. 

Why  AWS certification is your new identity?

Amazon dominates the public cloud

AWS began certification program in 2013 and soon gained recognition a valuable asset for cloud computing professionals to boost their career. AWS  is expanding its innovation by introducing new services and innovative offerings to lead in the niche market. 

It’s one of the most viable areas for being well paid as per the 2016 IT skills and salary survey. Also possessing AWS certification is considered as the most valued and highest paid certification in the cloud market. 

AWS certification has the right blend of cloud computing concepts with hands-on experience to gain more exposure to the subject. While certification is important but understanding the concepts with constant practice helps you to accomplish yourself in the real-time IT industry. 

Amongst the giant cloud tycoons, Azure has relatively close competition with Amazon's AWS with its pros and cons, while the Oracle, Google, IBM are way behind AWS. AWS has captured 34% of the cloud space and is expected to rise with each quarter. The demand for cloud professionals will be in need. 

AWS certification is reachable 

Simplicity is the best feature of AWS. Amazon provides a clear roadmap to accomplish the AWS certification. It’s priced moderately so that everyone can access the training. Getting AWS certification is not as it appears, in goes a lot of hard work and hands-on experience to master the skills to get the certification. Your hard work is worth the investment as it pays off eventually. On an average cloud certified professionals earn $123,801.
AWS provides certification as a 3 stage process to gain expertise.

AWS Certification

Certification Progression 

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Level 

Ideally, everyone begins their cloud career as a Solutions Architect at an associate level. Even associate level certification is essential as it’s the base for growth ahead in the cloud platform. 

They are expected to express architecture and deploy secure and robust applications on AWS technology. Associate level requires the sound knowledge of the industry standard best practices to build robust and secure cloud applications on AWS platform. 
Associate level cloud professionals with certification earn roughly $123,801.

2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect  Professional

You have gained a good level of exposure with some advanced skills moving to the second level of AWS certification. As a certified solutions architect, you need to have an understanding of 

  • Ability to design and deploy highly scalable, highly available, fault-tolerant, and stable apps on AWS
  • Have the ability to choose the best fit AWS service as per the requirement to design and deploy cloud applications. 
  • Must be able to handle move convoluted  multi-tier applications on AWS
  • Must be able to design and deploy highly scalable apps on AWS. 

3. AWS Associate Certified Developer

If you have the zeal to explore to develop and maintain apps via the AWS server this could be the ideal platform for you. 

  • Ability to choose the suitable  AWS services for the app.
  • Allowing  AWS SDKs to communicate with  AWS services via  your application
  • Perform scripting which maximizes the performance of AWS services used by your app.
  • They can expect an average salary of  $122,753.

4. AWS Associate Certified SysOps Administrator 

A cloud professional as an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator holds expertise in deployment, management and conducting operations on the robust AWS platform.

  • Ability to migrate an on-premises app to AWS.
  • Enforcing and handling the flow of data from AWS.
  • Selecting the most suitable AWS service depending on computing power and security needs. 
  • Should identify operational cost control mechanism and know the apt usage of industry AWS best practices.
  •  AWS certified SysOps is expected to draw an average yearly salary of $119,143.

 5. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional 

A certified AWS DevOps Engineer holds proficiency in technical and managing distributed applications across AWS platform. Having reached this stage is quite an achievement, and you hold expertise both as an AWS developer and AWS SysOps Administrator.  

  • Implement and handling an ongoing delivery process and methodologies on AWS
  • Understanding, implementation and automating security controls and compliance validations. 
  • Illustrate and handle metrics, on AWS
  • Implement systems which demand scalability and high availability on AWS platform
  • Cloud DevOps engineer can expect an average salary of $130,284.

Frequently Asked AWS Interview Questions

Some key takeaways and benefits of holding Amazon Certification?

1. Your markets hotcake

AWS being most successful in cloud space has more innovations reaching market segments providing more opportunities. On an average, a certified cloud professional holds anywhere between $119,143 and $130,284, and the demand is expected to rise every year. With the growing cloud opportunities, you can join in no time. Your every effort, hard work and investment are paid off. 

2. Continually learning with a new level of expertise

In AWS you need to conquer one tier at a time, once you gain good hands-on experience consider going for certification and then moving onto the next module. 

3. You become career conscious

Due to lack of cloud expertise in the market acquiring cloud adoption has become a challenge which tells us the demand and scarcity of some cloud architects in the market. 

4. Your certification is your level of  commitment

Being certified doesn’t assure you a job but has a wider scope of job search. Progressing forward conquering every level helps you gain full expertise, and you can be a valuable asset to your organization. 

5. You're exploring new opportunities

Due to lack of cloud expertise in the market acquiring cloud adoption has become a challenge which tells us the demand and scarcity of the number of cloud architects in the market. More demand and less supply in the job market. You have the flexibility choose your niche market. Certified might open new doors which are never imaginable. 

6. You’ll become an integral part of AWS community

Since your acquainted with the cloud, you are a part of the cloud community. Getting certified you are making yourself stronger and valuable to the community.

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