AWS Monitor Like a DevOps Pro

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by Ravindra Savaram
Last modified: April 28th 2019

With numerous software components, modern cloud environments are becoming complex distributed systems continuously. Maintaining moving parts and tracking changes in AWS systems continues growing and solutions exist.


  • Understanding what is happening in our cloud about happenings.
  • Finding the ways to follow usage trends over time
  • Debugging any issues that may arise
  • Choosing the means to search logs without combing through many disks files


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Using sophisticated tool known as Log Aggregation System (LAS) to gather logs across the cloud and operational information. LAS is an advanced DevOps technique, which enables us to search our records quickly and graph for any trends that arise from structured logs.

A comprehensive analysis strategy and log management is a critical mission, enabling organizations understanding the association between security, operational, and change management events thus maintaining a complete understanding of their infrastructure.


AWS Monitor Like a DevOps Pro


The customers of AWS have access to service-particular metrics and log files to gain insight into how each of the AWS services is operating, and several other services capture additional data including configuration changes, API calls, and billing events. The log files form applications, operating systems, and web servers provide valuable data in various formats both in distributed and random fashions.

To efficiently consolidate, analyze and manage these distinct logs, several AWS customers prefer to implement centralized logging solutions either using AWS Partner Network (APN) or self-managed tools offerings. 


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If you are planning the strategy of centralized log management, first identify the business and compliance requirements like access control granularity, log monitoring, and review processes, and log aggregation, reporting, alerting, and retention requirements. Search for a solution that is scalable and can support new log types to expand the use of cloud technologies and AWS services.


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