AWS vs Azure Feature Comparison

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by Prasanthi
Last modified: April 18th 2018

Amazon Web Services Vs Microsoft Azure

Area AWS service Azure service
App testing AWS Device Farm Xamarin Test Cloud (front end)
DevOps AWS CodeBuild Visual Studio Team Services
Cloud virtual networking Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Virtual Network
Scalability AWS Auto Scaling Virtual Machine Scale Sets
NoSQL—key/value storage DynamoDB and SimpleDB Table Storage
Analytics Kinesis Analytics Stream Analytics
Hybrid storage Storage Gateway StorSimple
Relational database RDS SQL Database
Elastic data warehouse Redshift SQL Data Warehouse
Messaging Simple Queue Service (SQS) Service Bus Queues, Topics, Relays
Security Inspector, Certificate manager Security Center, App Service Certificates Available
Visualization QuickSight (Preview) PowerBI
App customer payment service Amazon Dev Pay None
Pro app development Mobile Hub, SDK, Cognito Mobile Apps
Compliance AWS Artifact Microsoft Service Trust Portal
Media transcoding Elastic Transcoder Media Services
Email Simple Email Service (SES) Marketplace—Email
Search Elasticsearch Service Marketplace—Elasticsearch
Workflow Simple Workflow Service (SWF) Logic Apps
Backend process logic AWS Step Functions Logic Apps
Bulk data transfer AWS Import/Export Disk Import/Export
Analytics Mobile Analytics HockeyApp
Big data processing Elastic MapReduce (EMR) HDInsight
Dedicated network Direct Connect ExpressRoute
Enterprise application services Amazon WorkMail Dynamics 365
Data orchestration Data Pipeline Data Factory
Text to Speech Amazon Polly Bing Speech API
Cross-premises connectivity AWS VPN Gateway Azure VPN Gateway
Virtual servers Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Instances Azure Virtual Machines
Archiving—cool storage S3 Infrequent Access (IA) Azure Storage—Standard Cool
Archiving—cold storage S3 Glacier Azure Storage-Standard Archive
Encryption Key Management Service Azure Storage Service Encryption
Caching ElastiCache Azure Redis Cache
Predefined templates AWS Quick Start Azure Quickstart templates
Messaging Simple Queue Service (SQS) Azure Queue Storage
Management & monitoring (DevOps) CloudWatch Azure portal
Marketplace AWS Marketplace Azure Marketplace
Machine learning Machine Learning Azure Machine Learning Studio
Edge compute for IoT AWS Greengrass Azure IoT Edge
Serverless computation Lambda Azure Functions
Shared file storage Elastic File System Azure Files (file share between VMs)
Domain name system management Route 53 Azure DNS
Security AWS Shield Azure DDos Protection Service (Preview)
Database migration Database Migration Service (Preview) Azure Database Migration Service
NoSQL—document storage DynamoDB Azure Cosmos DB
Content delivery network CloudFront Azure Content Delivery Network
Container instances EC2 Container Service (ECS) Azure Container Service
Programmatic access Command Line Interface Azure Command Line Interface (CLI)
Batch computing AWS Batch Azure Batch
Deployment orchestration (DevOps) OpsWorks (Chef-based), CloudFormation Azure Automation, Azure resource manager
Cloud advisor Trusted Advisor Azure Advisor
Authentication and authorization Identity and Access Management (IAM) Azure Active Directory
Firewall Web Application Firewall Application Gateway Web Application Firewall
API management API Gateway, Elastic Beanstalk API Management, Web Apps(App service)

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