In Tableau we are having three types of background maps
1. Offline
2. Online
3. WMS Server

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1. Offline:: 
In offline tableau gets the backgrounds maps from the local machine. It doesn’t require any internet connectivity.
Offline maps will be located in the following location
2. Online:: 
In online Tableau gets the backgrounds map from the remote tableau servers. It requires internet connectivity
From tableau 8.2 in online mode we are hacking into servers
2. TABLEAU Classic
From Tableau 9.0 they have integrated all the features of tableau & tableau classics into a single server tableau. So, from tableau 9.0 only tableau online option is available.
3. WMS Server:: 
WMS Stands for "Web Map Service Server" using this option we can connect to third party servers.

Note:: To change the background map option click on “map” select background map and check either “Offline” or “Online” or”NEO WMS” (Nasa Earth Observation - NEO).

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