Booting the first OpenStack node into Razor

Now that our environment is ready, we need to boot a node that will become our first OpenStack node. That is, we will later assign it the “all in one” role and add additional nodes.

Getting started

vagrant up node-01

How to achieve it…

Once the node is powered on, PXE will take over, and you will be able to review the node in Razor. From the Razor Server, as root:

razor node Discovered Nodes

UUID                                    Last Checkin       Status


2lrdkDEZNwDWm7h41oCmlk 7 sec A [IntelCorporation,memsize_1GiB,cpus _2,vmware_vm,nics_1]

How it works…

In our Vagrantfile, at the beginning, we specified that node-## will use the “razor_node” box. This box is a specially created shell VM that is then set to net-boot. In this instance, the node PXE boots from our Razor Server, the Razor Micro Kernel boots, runs Facter, and then reports details about the node as tags to the Razor Server. This will allow us to define policies around specific node attributes.

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