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If you're looking for Bootstrap Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research Bootstrap has a market share of about 22.5%. So, You still have opportunity to move ahead in your career in Bootstrap Development. Mindmajix offers Advanced Bootstrap Interview Questions 2018 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire dream career as Bootstrap Developer.

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Q: Define Bootstrap:
Bootstrap is a JS framework which is also considered to be a framework for CSS and HTML. It helps to develop the web applications without much of the efforts. This type of framework mostly focuses on creating the mobile web applications which would result to better growth and success. Originally it was named Twitter Blueprint which generally used CSS and JavaScript based templates. There are also many other interface components in which such type of option is used. While considering JavaScript extensions, it comes optional

Q: Do you know why choosing a Bootstrap is advised to create the website:
There are many reasons why Bootstrap is advised to create the website such as:

1. Mobile support: It offers complete support to the mobile devices in the sole file. It is more supportive in terms of the receptive design that includes the adjustment to be based for the CSS on different devices, types, and screen size and so on. It also enables the less efforts to be made for developers.
2. Extremely simple to understand: The focus of writing application becomes a lot easier if you have Bootstrap. If you are aware about HTML and CSS, then the progress can pace up pretty easily.
3.  Browser Compatibility: It also offers better support for some of the most common browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Opera and even IE to name a few

Q: Can you explain the right way to order the columns when using Bootstrap?
It is not a hard and fast rule to change the build in grid columns order when it comes of making the amendments with the help of Bootstrap. All you need to do is modify the .col-md-pull-* and. col-md-push-* classless that ranges between 1-11.

Q: Explain the key components of using the Bootstrap
The key components that are used for Bootstrap are categorized as:

1. Components of layout: It states the layout components list
2. CSS: there are many CSS files associated with it
3. JavaScript Plugins:  It includes JavaScript plugins and jQuery
4. Scaffolding: There is a basic structure that includes grid system, link style and also background
5. Customize:  To get the framework version through which the components can be modified

Q: What is the meaning of class loaders in Bootstrap?
There is a portion present in Java Runtime Environment which is also known by the name of JRE. This portion is called the class loader. It focuses on loading the Java classless in the Java virtual environment. The loader also focuses on processing the changes which a named class can do in an equal binary form

Q: Explain the Types of layout available in Bootstrap:
The layout which is available in the bootstrap is categorized in two things:

1. Fixed Layout which is used for the standard screen
2. Fluid Layout which is used when you would want to build an app which is wide through 100% and can be used up all the screen width

Q: Do you know what is typography and the links that are present in the Bootstrap:
Generally, bootstrap sets a basic global display, typography, and styles of the link which means:

1. Typography is used for the attributes that work as the basic of typography such as @ font-size-base, @font-family-base, and @line-height-base.
2. Display at basic Global:  It sets out the background of on the

element and #fff.
Styling of the link: It sets out the link color at the global platform through attributes @link-color.

Q: What is pagination which you see in Bootstrap and how it is classified?
Pagination is to handle an unordered list by Bootstrap. To handle such type of option offers the classless such as:

1. .disabled, .active: In this, the links are being customized with the help of .disabled. it is solely for unlikable links. And with .active the current page is shown
2. .pagination-Ig, .pagination-sm: It is used for the classless to get the size item which is quiet different

Q: Know the Jumbotron use in Bootstrap?
The use of Jumbotron is for the content which you would want to highlight such as the headline to be used for promotion, the slogan to be used for marketing and so on. In simpler words, it is also used for enlarging the leadings size and also adds up the margin by which the landing page content can be well aligned.

To use such type of feature, you need to first:
Make a container

in which there is a .jumbotron class

Q: What is the purpose of Modal plugin in Bootstrap?
A modal is a child window which is generally layers on the parent window. With the help of the Jquery Plugin that is a customized option, such type of modal gets created. To make sure there is a user experience which is enriched and also to add the functionality to the users, the windows uses the modal which is then created with the help of a plugin called Modal.

Q: Is it possible to add badge by which the group listing in the Bootstrap can be done?
To make sure badge is added to the group listing of the Bootstrap, you need to create span class = “badge” along with the element of li

Q: What do you mean by the Bootstrap Container
This type of container is a class which is generally used for creating a centered area within the same page where the site content can be put clearly. The benefit of such type of option is that it is extremely responsive and will help you place other HTML coding.

Q: Explain the Meaning of the Transition Plugin:
The focus of such type of plugin is to offer the simple effects of transition like faring or sliding in the modals

Q: Is it possible to create the navigation menu which could be tabbed?
Certainly, it is possible to do that but for this, you need to:

1. Initiate with the basic list that is not well ordered with the class of.nav.
2. After that, it is important that you add the class .nav-tabs.

Q: What is the right way to create navigation menu of pills:
For creating the navigation menu of the pills, there is a proper structure which needs to be followed. At the initial stage of such structure, you need to begin with the unordered list of the base class of. Nav. Then you need to make sure you add the same with –pills.

Q: What is the purpose of Modal Plugin?
Such type of window is a child window which is generally layer over the parent window. Generally, the focus is to make sure the content is separated from the source which can later have an interaction without the need to leave the parent window. It is possible for the child window then to offer the interaction and information and sometimes even more.

Q: Is there any right way to make the images responsive?
You don’t really have to worry when you can actually make the images responsive. For this, uit is important to add up a class .img-responsive to the tag. The class would be applicable with the width of maximum 100% along with the height. There needs to be an Auto; to be added o the image so that there will be a regular scaling done well to the parent element.

Q: Explain the features of bootstrap:
Bootstrap comes with ample of features such as:

1. Constant designing
2. Features that are responsive
3. Time saving solution
4. Smooth implementation
5. Better compatibility with different browser
6. This is one powerful concept which is also a first frond end framework
7. It is extremely easy to start as one must have a good idea for CSS and HTML to work with
8. It is possible to design the website which is responsive which can also be adjustable to tablet, desktop and even mobile
9. It comes with the functional built-in components which is extremely easy to customize
Open source

Q: What are the JavaScript Popup Boxes types?
It is categorized into three types such as:

1. Prompt box
2. Alert box
3. Confirm box

Q: Do you know how to work with the Containers of the Bootstrap?
Generally Bootstrap needs an element that is required for wrapping the content of the site along with grid system housing. The containers from which the choice needs to be made for the project is

1. Container
2. Container – fluid

Q: What is the grouping of the Bootstrap button?
With the help of Bootstrap, you can easily group the series of buttons altogether. It comes in different groups such as:

1. Sizing
2. Toolbar
3. Justified groups
4. Vertical variation

Q: Explain in detail about the Lead Body Copy:
When you need to highlight any kind of paragraph, there needs to be an emphasis which shall be made which this way gets to the add class = “lead”. It would thus, allow you get the font size which is large and light in weight and comparatively quite taller

Q: Do you know the meaning of glyphicons?
There are specific icon fonts that can be used in the web projects. Such type of fonts is called Glyphicons. Generally Glyphicons are the one which you cannot consider to be free. To work on it, license is needed. Other than this, you can also find it free of cost at the Bootstrap project.

Q: Explain in detail about the Bootstrap Grid System:
1. In graphic designing, there is a grid which is made of the horizontal and vertical lines. It is generally used for the structure content.
2. It is an effective method that helps to make a layout in a consistent manner that too at a faster pace with the help of CSS and HTML
3. It also offers the fastest and the easiest way to design the web page layout design
4. The best part about such system is, it is mobile friendly, responsive and comes with fluid 12 – column grid system

Q. Define Mobile WIMAX?
WIMAX (World Wide Interoperability for Microwave access). This technology provides much speed internet without need of cables. It covers a town, city, region, and whole country also.

Q. Define Bluetooth?
It is low power short range wireless technology designed to connect domestic devices.

Q. Working with bootstrap frame work?
1. Bootstrap is the most popular JavaScript, HTML & CSS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
2. Designed for everyone, everywhere. (Bootstrap makes frontend web development easier and faster).
3. One frame work for every device.
4. 4. The world’s most popular mobile first and responsive front-end framework.
5. Bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

Q. What are Bootstrap media queries?
Media Queries in Bootstrap allow you to move, show and hide content based on viewport size.

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Q: Can you explain the Fixed layout in Bootstrap?
Generally the fixed layout does not adapt itself for the different browser. However, it can easily be responsive

Q: Explain in details about the responsive layout:
This type of layout can help you adapt itself to different sizes. However, when it comes to resize, there are number of columns with necessary changes that are expected to be made in the space available.

Q: Is there any specific language in which Bootstrap is written?
It is generally written in languages such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and LESS

Q: What is Bootstrap well?
Bootstrap well is a container which makes the content appear to be sunken or there is an inset effect on the page. To make sure a well is created, a content wrap needs to be done which would come with the appearance in well with appearance that would contain the class of .well.

Q: Explain the difference between the responsive and Fluid Layout?
The focus of Fluid layout is to make sure it adapts itself to the browser window sizes. The values that are generally used are for calculation at the proportional level to the viewpoint size.
This type of layout can also help in adapting itself in different sizes. When you resize, there needs to be the number of changes in the column as per the available space which can then help in providing better results.

Q. How do you make images responsive?
Bootstrap 3 allows to make the images responsive by adding a class .img-responsive to the tag. This class applies max-width: 100%; and height: auto; to the image so that it scales nicely to the parent element.

Q. What is Bootstrap Grid System?
What is grid: In graphic design a grid is a structure made up of vertical & horizontal lines used to structure content.
Grid is very effective method to create a consistent layout rapidly & Effectively using html & css.
Bootstrap provides the fatest and easy way to create layouts of webpage.
Bootstrap provides a responsive, mobile-first, fluid 12 – column grid system.
Q. Working with Bootstrap structure?
Bootstrap structure contains the following 3 major libraries:
1. CSS Library
2. JS Librarys
3. HTML Library (images/fonts Library)

Q. What is UTF-8?
It is transformation format, it recognize multilingual (other than English), hindi, telugu, Japanese, Arabic, etc…, A Unicode can define the following three points:

1. Nomatter what the platform?
2. Nomatter what the program?
3. Nomatter what the languagee?

Q. What are the features of bootstrap?
Bootstrap supports several features:

1. Responsive features.
2. Consistent Design
3. Save lots of time
4. Easy to implement
5. Compatible with all web browser
6. Open source

Q. Working with Bootstrap Containers?
Bootstrap requires a containing element to wrap sites contents and house our grid system. You may choose one of two containers to use in your projects.

There are two containers to choose from:

1. Container
2. Container – fluid.

Q. Responsive Images?
We can create responsive images by adding responsive tag to images. It will apply 100% height, width & auto alignment.
Syntax: Class = “img-responsive”
Q. How many kinds of JavaScript Popup Boxes?
JavaScript has 3 kinds of pop-up boxes
1. Alert box
2. Confirm box
3. Prompt box

Q. HTML5 Progress bars with bootstrap (Bootstrap progress bars)?

Bootstrap supports different types of progress bars:
1. Basic Progress bars
2. Static Progress bars
3. Label Progress bars
4. Color Progress bars
5. Animated Progress bars
6. Stacked Progress bars

Q. Bootstrap Button Groups?
Bootstrap allows you to group a series of buttons together. It has the following different Button Groups:

1. Button toolbar
2. Button sizing
3. Button vertical variation
4. Justified button groups

Q. What is Lead Body Copy
To add some emphasis to a paragraph, add class = “lead”. This will give you larger font size, lighter weight, and a taller line height

Q. What are glyphicons?
Glyphicons are icon fonts which you can use in your web projects. Glyphicons Halflings are not free and require licensing, however their creator has made them available for Bootstrap projects free of cost.

Q. How do you use Glyphicons?
To use the icons, simply use the following code just about anywhere in your code. Leave a space between the icon and text for proper padding.

Q: Do you know the creator of the Bootstrap?
It was Jacob Thornton and Mark Otto who made it at Twitter

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