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If you're looking for Bootstrap Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. According to research Bootstrap has a market share of about 22.5%. So, You still have opportunity to move ahead in your career in Bootstrap Development. Mindmajix offers Advanced Bootstrap Interview Questions 2018 that helps you in cracking your interview & acquire dream career as Bootstrap Developer.

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Q. Explain what is Bootstrap?
Bootstrap is Javascript framework for building the rich web applications with minimal effort. This framework emphasis more on building mobile web applications.

Q. What is Twitter Bootstrap?
Bootstrap is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development. It uses HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Q. Explain why to choose Bootstrap for building the websites?
There are few reason why we choose Bootstrap for building websites
a) Mobile Support: For mobile devices it provides full support in one single file rather than in separate file. It supports the responsive design including adjusting the CSS based on the different types of device, size of the screen etc. It reduces extra effort for developers.
b) Easy to learn: Writing application in bootstrap is easy if you know CSS and HTML
c) Browser Support: It supports all the popular browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE etc.

Q. What are the key components of Bootstrap?
The key components of Bootstrap are
1. CSS : It comes with plenty of CSS files
2. Scaffolding : It provides a basic structure with Grid system , link styles and background
3. Layout Components : List of layout components
4. JavaScript Plugins: It contains many jQuery and JavaScript plugins
5. Customize: To get your own version of framework you can customize your components

Q. Explain what are class loaders in Bootstrap?
Class loader is a part of JRE (Java Runtime Environment) which loads Java classes into Java virtual environment. Class loaders also does the process of converting a named class into its equivalent binary form.

Q. What are Bootstrap media queries?
Media Queries in Bootstrap allow you to move, show and hide content based on viewport size.

Q. What are the types of layout available in Bootstrap?
In Bootstrap there are two types of Layout available

a) Fluid Layout: Fluid layout is used when you want to create a app that is 100% wide and use up all the width of the screen
b) Fixed Layout: For a standard screen you will use fixed layout (940 px) option

Q. Explain what is Bootstrap Grid System?
For creating page layout through a series of rows and columns that house your content Bootstrap Grid Sytem is used.

Q. What are offset columns in Bootstrap?
For more specialized layouts offsets are a useful feature. For more spacing they can be used by pushing column over.
For example, .col-xs=* classes do not support offset but they are easily replicated using an empty cell

Q. What is column ordering in Bootstrap?
Column ordering is one of the feature available in bootstrap and you can easily write columns in an order and show them in another one. With .col-md-push-* and .col-md-pull-*
the order of the column can be easily changed.

Q. How can you order columns in Bootstrap?
You can easily change the order of built-in grid columns with .col-md-push-* and .col-md-pull-* modifier classes where * range from 1 to 11.

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Q. What function you can use to wrap a page content?
To wrap a page content you can use .container and using that you can also center the content.

Q. Explain what pagination in bootstrap is and how they are classified?
Pagination is the handling of an unordered list by bootstrap. To handle pagination bootstrap provides following classes
a) .pagination: To get pagination on your page you have to add this class
b) .disabled, .active: Customize links by .disabled for unclickable links and .active to indicate the current page
c) .pagination-Ig, .pagination-sm: Use these classes to get different size item.

Q. How do you make images responsive?
Bootstrap 3 allows to make the images responsive by adding a class .img-responsive to the tag. This class applies max-width: 100%; and height: auto; to the image so that it scales nicely to the parent element.

Q. Explain the typography and links in Bootstrap.
Bootstrap sets a basic global display (background), typography, and link styles −
a) Basic Global display− Sets background-color: #fff; 
b) Typography− Uses the @font-family-base, @font-size-base, and@line-height-base attributes as the typographic base
c) Link styles− Sets the global link color via attribute @link-color and apply link underlines only on :hover.

Q. What is Normalize in Bootstrap?
Bootstrap uses Normalize to establish cross browser consistency.
Normalize.css is a modern, HTML5-ready alternative to CSS resets. It is a small CSS file that provides better cross-browser consistency in the default styling of HTML elements.

Q. What is Lead Body Copy
To add some emphasis to a paragraph, add class = “lead”. This will give you larger font size, lighter weight, and a taller line height

Q. What are glyphicons?
Glyphicons are icon fonts which you can use in your web projects. Glyphicons Halflings are not free and require licensing, however their creator has made them available for Bootstrap projects free of cost.

Q. How do you use Glyphicons?
To use the icons, simply use the following code just about anywhere in your code. Leave a space between the icon and text for proper padding.

Q. What is the use of Jumbotron in Bootstrap?
In bootstrap, Jumbotron is generally used for content that you want to highlight like some slogan or marketing headline etc. in other words it is used to enlarge the size of the headings and to add a margin for landing page content.

Q. What is the difference between Bootstrap and Foundation?

Bootstrap Foundation
Bootstrap offers unlimited number of UI elements In Foundation UI element options are very limited in numbers
Bootstraps uses pixels Foundation use REMs
Bootstrap encourages to design for both desktop and mobile. Foundation encourages to design mobile first
Bootstrap support LESS as its preprocessor Foundation support Sass and Compass as its preprocessor


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