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Using Cassandra in Production Environments

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by Ravindra Savaram
Last modified: June 26th 2020

As a DBA, you have a responsibility to ensure that the database software you use will work and perform as expected in production environments. To provide that type of guarantee, most NOSQL DATABASES have a commercial software vendor that offers a production-certified version of the database, which many times possesses various enterprise features that the open source version of the database does not.

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For Cassandra, DataStax provides DataStax Enterprise as the commercial software offering. As a DBA, you should be aware that DataStax Enterprise provides the following benefits over the open source version of Cassandra that will help you manage, secure, and optimize your database systems for maximum performance and uptime:

  • A production-certified version of Cassandra that ensures no surprises in production environments.
  • Enterprise-class security with encryption and data auditing.
  • Integrated analytics on Cassandra data, including integration with external Hadoop platforms.
  • Integrated enterprise search on Cassandra data.
  • Workload isolation and data replication that ensures OLTP, analytics, and search workloads do not compete with each other for data or compute resources.
  • In-memory database option for both OLTP and analytic workloads.
  • Automatic management services that transparently automate numerous database maintenance and performance monitoring/management tasks.
  • Visual management and monitoring tools that work from any device (laptop, tablet, smart phone).
  • Around-the-clock expert support.
  • Certified software updates.

NoSQL and Hadoop: A Comparison

Apache Hadoop (tm) is an open source software project that enables the distributed processing of large data sets, and uses a scale-out architecture that stores and processes data across many machines. Hadoop is an ecosystem umbrella term that encompasses many different software components.

In general, Hadoop is not a database, but is instead a framework primarily devoted to handling modern data warehousing and analytic “data lake” use cases. Hadoop does offer a NoSQL database as part of its framework (HBase), but it is also used mostly for data warehousing situations.

By contrast, a NoSQL database, like Cassandra is an operational/transactional database used for modern online applications.


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