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Q: Write a brief overview of Cognos Reporting tool?
Cognos is an IBM reporting apparatus which is utilized reporting and examination of different information from distinctive data warehouse.

Q: What is called a report item in Cognos?
Report thing is described as an inquiry thing which can be moved into a work territory.

Q: What is Cardinality?
Cardinality is described as associations b/W the tables. Taking after are relationship molded b/W the tables.

1. Balanced
2. One -> Many
3. Many -> Many
4. Many -> One

Q: What is characteritics of Data mining?
Information mining is the procedure of getting concealed patterns from an information product house.

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Q. Write the different types of prompt in Cognos?
Taking after are the diverse sorts of brief in Cognos:
1. Value prompt
2. Text Prompt
3. Date prompt
4. Time prompt
5. Date & time prompt
6. Cognos

Q. Write a set of segments of Report Net?
Taking after are the segments of Report Net:
1. Framework manager
2. Cognos connection
3. Query Studio
4. Report Studio

Q: Define a Drill Through Report?
Drill through report is utilized to connection starting with one report then onto the next report. It has guardian and tyke concepts between reports.

Q: Notice the distinction in the middle of “macros” and ‘brief’?
Large scale is utilized to run situated of directions to present the report however incite give a way to deal with change the report alterably.

Q: What is a Cube?
3D shape is arranged to be multi-dimensional point of view of measurement and measure & it is utilized to examine the information in different structures like Slice and Dice.

Q. Define size of the Cube?
Size of 3D shape is 2.0 GB and size shifts relies on upon the undertaking.

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Q. Define Snapshot?
A preview is made to duplicate the definite information that is identified with present report and contrast and another report.
Sample: Data of present week contrasted and earlier week

Q. Write the segments of Studio Report?
Taking after are the segments of Studio Report:
1. Objects panel
2. Properties panel
3. Explorer bar
4. Report Viewer

Q.Write the benefits of Cognos?
Taking after are the benefits of Cognos:
1. Planning
2. Analysis
3. Forecasting
4. Scorecard

Define types of report in cognos?
1. Blank report
2. List report
3. Cross report
4. Chart report
5. Repeater report

What are the two types of framework manager?

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