How to modify multi-lingual column names dynamically in cognos by creating a macro

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Create a macro to modify multi-lingual column names dynamically : (Know definition of MACRO, for a clear understanding).

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Steps to Create A Macro To Modify Multilingual Column Names Dynamically In Cognos

  • From MODEL
  • Expand the SALES namespace
  • Select the Query subject return_reason
  • Right click
  • Click on Edit definition
  • Delete the default SQL query from SQL pane
  • Expand Gosl
  • From available database objects pane
  • Select table returns_reason
  • Select the following query items
  • Return_reason_code
  • Return_description_fr
  • Drop on SQL pane
  • From Query
  • Delete fr
  • Click on insert macro
  • Expand parameter maps
  • Double click on localemap
  • Using last arrow key
  • Place the cursor between braces
  • Expand session parameters
  • Double click on run locale
  • Delete space between } and #
  • Click on OK
  • Click on Test tab
  • Click on Test sample
  • Click on OK


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