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Creating static and parameterized filters in Cognos

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by Ravindra Savaram
Last modified: January 29th 2021

Model Filters:

  • A filter is a restriction that reduces the no. of records returned from the database
  • A condition is created with three elements
  • Query item, Operator, Operand
  • Model filters are reusable
  • Model filters are categorized into 2 types

          a) Static model filters
          b) Parameterized model filters

In this section, let us have a quick glance about Static model filters, as well as about parameterized model filters.


Creating static and parameterized filters in Cognos

Static Filters:

  • From project viewer pane
  • Select the MODEL
  • Right click
  • Select Create
  • Click on Filter
  • Enter the name ORDER METHOD
  • From left pane
  • Expand MODEL
  • Double click on the query item order_method_en
  • Type the operator in
  • Type the operands as (‘web’,’telephone’)
  • Click on OK

Testing Filters:

  • From MODEL
  • Expand the SALES namespace
  • Select order_method query subject
  • Right click
  • Click on Edit definition
  • Select the filter
  • Drag the filter to the filters window
  • Select the test tab
  • Click on test sample
  • From filters table
  • Clear the filter
  • Click on OK

Static Testing filter 1Static Testing filter 2

Static Testing filter 3Static Testing filter 4Static Testing filter 5Static Testing filter 6Static Testing filter 7Static Testing filter 8Static Testing filter 9

Parameterized filters:

  • A parameterized filter lets the user/prompts the user to select the value/enter the value to restrict the data returned from the database
  • A parameterized filter is also known as prompt/dynamic filter
  • Prompt lets the user to select the value at query runtime
  • A prompt is a user interactive object


Query item      operator      ?parameter?

Order_method      in      ?ord?


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