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How to Create New Data Source Query Subject In Cognos

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A query subject is a set of query items that have an inherent relationship.

IBM® Cognos® Framework Manager automatically creates a data source query subject for each table and view that you import into your model.

You can use the IBM® Cognos® Framework Manager to modify query subjects to optimize and customize the data that they retrieve. When you change the definition of a query subject, Framework Manager regenerates the associated query items, ensuring that any changes to query subject properties are reflected in all query items in that query subject.


There are different types of query subjects in Framework Manager:

  • Data source query subjects
  • Model query subjects
  • Stored procedure query subjects


  • From project viewer pane
  • Select MODEL
  • Right click
  • Select create
  • Click on namespace
  • Rename the namespace as GO_APPLICATIONS
  • Select GO_APPLICATIONS namespace
  • Right click
  • Select create
  • Click on folder
  • Enter the folder name as STAFF_INFO
  • Click on next
  • Leave the defaults
  • Click on finish
  • Select the folder
  • Right click
  • Select create
  • Click on query subject
  • Enter query subject name as SALES_STAFF
  • Select MODEL
  • Click on OK
  • From available model objects pane
  • Drag the following query items and calculations
  • Drop on query items and calculations window
  • Sales_staff_code
  • Staff_name
  • Sales_target
  • Actual revenue
  • Click on OK


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