Model calculations in Cognos

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Model Filters:

A filter is an expression that specifies the conditions that rows or instances must meet, so as to be retrieved for the dimension, query subject, calculation, or report to which the filter is applied. A filter returns a boolean value so that you can limit the rows returned by a dimension or query subject. Model filters define the below:

  • A filter is a restriction that reduces the no of records returned from the database
  • A condition is created with three elements
  • Query item, Operator, Operand
  • Model filters are reusable
  • Filters are 2 types-Static model filters, parameterized model filters

Model calculations:

Calculations are important in solving problems and making decisions. They can help you define the relationships between items of interest. Here, model calculations are used for the purposes of:

  • Derive expressions to develop a new metadata using functions & arithmetical operators
  • Model calculations are reusable
  • From project viewer pane
  • Select the model
  • Right click
  • Click on create
  • Click on calculation
  • Enter the name STAFF NAME
  • Develop the following expression using the existing metadata model
  • FIRST_NAME+’          ‘+LAST_NAME
  • Click on test sample
  • Click on OK


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