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No Data Content Pane
The content pane contains objects that you can add to a report. You add objects to a report by dragging them to the work area. On the other hand, No data content pane displays a message when there is no data.

  • It displays a text message when there is no data available for selection
  • Add the following query items to the list
  • Order year
  • Order method
  • Quantity
  • Revenue
  • Create a group on order year
  • Define total on quantity, revenue
  • From explorer bar
  • Select page explorer
  • Select prompt page
  • From toolbox
  • Drag the page and drop on the prompt page window
  • Double click on prompt page1
  • From toolbox
  • Drag the text box prompt
  • Drop on the prompt page window
  • Enter the parameter name as ORD_YEAR
  • Click on Next
  • Select package item – order year
  • Select the operator =
  • Click on Finish
  • From toolbox
  • Drag the Block
  • Drop in front of the text box prompt
  • From toolbox
  • Drag the text item
  • Drop inside the block
  • Enter the text order year
  • Click on OK
  • From page explorer, select report page1
  • Select order year (any) data cell
  • At the title bar of the properties window
  • Select ancestor as a list
  • In the properties window
  • Set No data contents to Yes
  • From toolbox
  • Drag the text item
  • Drop inside the no data content pane
  • Enter the text as ‘There is no data for:‘
  • From tool box
  • Drag the layout calculation
  • Drop beside the text
  • At the bottom of the left window
  • Select the parameters tab
  • Drop the parameter in the Expression definition window
  • Click on OK
  • Run the report
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No Data Content Page:

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