Insert a query calculation into your report to add a new row or column with values that are based on a calculation. It is used to perform Data Scrubbing. 

  • You can create calculations to provide your users with calculated values that they regularly usel
  • Calculations can use query items, parameters, variables, calculated members, expressions, and expression components, such as functions
  • It allows you to create expressions to derive the new data definitions
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  • Add the following query items to the list report
  • Product line, order method, quantity, revenue
  • Group on product line , total on quantity, revenue
  • From tool box drag the query calculation
  • Drop beside the revenue item
  • Enter the name as sales tax
  • Click on OK
  • Develop the following definition
  • Revenue * 0.5
  • From toolbar click on validate
  • Click on OK

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Query Calculations:

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