Saving the reports in Cognos

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Saving Reports:

Location where reports can be saved

Public folder:

Report which can be accessed by multiple users

My folders:

Report created for personal usage. Can be saved to the location known as my folders

Cognos Connection ( IBM Cognos content )

  • A cognos connection is used to access the reports and distribute the reports across the enterprise
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A section display the data value as a header out of the list container.

Create sections in a report to show a data item as the heading of a section. When you run the report, separate sections appear for each value.

Creating sections  is  similar  to  creating headers  by grouping on a data  item.  The difference is that section headers appear outside the list, crosstab, chart, or repeater.

Create a List Report:

  • Product line
  • Product type
  • Quantity
  • Revenue
  • Select the product line data cell
  • From structure menu
  • Click on Section


  • From view menu
  • Select page structure
  • From page body
  • Expand the list
  • From list header expand to the last node
  • Select product line and drop below the list columns which you expand
  • Right click on the list header
  • Click on delete
  • From view menu–   Click on page design

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