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Cognos Static Report Filter

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by Ravindra Savaram
Last modified: January 6th 2021

Report Filter:
A filter allows you to limit the kind of data you want retrieved for your report. For example, you may want to create a filter to limit your report to information for only a specific department, or a specific profit center, or a data range.

You can have one or many filters in a report query – when you run the report, Cognos returns only those records that agree with all filters.

  • A report filter is a restriction that reduces the amount of the data returned from database.
  • Report filters are measurable.

Static Report filters:

Run immediately upon request, and then stored with the data in the Completed Reports module.

  • Create a list report by adding following query items
  • Order no
  • Order date
  • Product name
  • Quantity
  • Select order date data cell
  • From menu bar, select data
  • Select filters
  • Select create custom filter
  • In the operator list box, select ≥
  • In the value box
  • Select Jul 1, 2005
  • Click on OK
  • Save & Run the report

Create a list report by adding following query itemsOrder noOrder dateProduct nameQuantitySelect order date data cellFrom menu bar, select data

Formatting Feature:

Group Span: When columns are grouped, you can choose how often to show column names by changing the group spanning. For example, when country and city are both grouped, you can choose to show the country name each time

It eliminates the duplicates for the columns having one to one relationship

  • A group span displays the data value once for each group
  • Cannot be applied to for 1 – many relationship
  • Can be applied for 1 – 1 relationship
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Add the following items to the list

  • Order year, order date, product name, quantity, revenue
  • Group on order year
  • Data menu-Sort-Ascending on order date
  • Select order date
  • In properties window
  • Select group span as order number
  • Run the report

Group span:

group spanGroup on order yearData menu-Sort-Ascending on order dateSelect order date

Types of query items:

A query item is the smallest object in the model that can be placed in a report. It represents a single instance of something, such as the date that a product was introduced.

In a business model the query items are categorized into three types

1) Identifiers: A query item with the type KEY, INDEX, DATE and
The TIME data type is used as identifiers
Ex: Product_no, customer_id, order_date

2) Attributes: A query item with the type ‘ STRING ‘ data type and descriptions are known as attributes
Ex: Product name, Country name, Customer name, Product Description

3) Facts: A query item with the type numeric and key performance indicators are known as FACTS
Ex: Quantity sold, Revenue

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Regular Aggregation: The default aggregation for the query item with the type
Filter on attributes:

  • Add the following query items to the list
  • Product line
  • Quantity
  • Revenue
  • Define group on the product line
  • Define total on quantity and Revenue
  • Select product line data item
  • Select data from menu bar
  • Select filters
  • Select create custom filter
  • From values list box
  • Select the following values camping equipment, outdoor protection
  • Click on OK
  • Save & run the report


filter on attributesfilter on attributes 1filter on attributes 2filter on attributes 3filter on attributes 4


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