Tableau VS Power Bi: The Better one?

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Why we need to compare?

In the current data frenzy era, all wants to transform their data into visual appealing according to their needs. In this era many big technical giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Tableau have their own BI tools. As per current information there are 54 top BI software/tools are running in market. From the year 2003 to till now Tableau software leading the market as a strong efficient BI tool. In 2013 Microsoft launched their own BI tools named Power BI (which was an Excel upgrade) and quickly catching the market with their strong flexible cost affective product.

After a huge success of power BI Industry people trying to choose between Tableau and Power BI.

Tableau and Power BI are two Business Intelligence(BI) solution with different purposes to achieve data visualization.  

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1.At a glance and visualization (core feature)


Tableau gives intuitive Business intelligence tools to increase/intensify data discovery and supports for all types of companies and business users with drag and drop features. Here user can bale to analyze data, create all necessary reports and visualization.

Power Bi:

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud based business intelligence and an analytic service which provides a full overview of user’s critical data by connecting all the data sources. It simplifies data evaluation and sharing with scalable dashboards, visuals etc.

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2.Data analyze (core feature):


Tableau focuses more on frontend, having features of user ways to answer questions. Use ‘what if’ queries to visualize data dynamically.

Power Bi:

Power Bi focuses more on backend, analyze more on data to provide fast analysis of familiar data sets. It is having features of relationship between data resources.



 Tableau categorizes product differently. Like Desktop is for individual users, online is for the groups who want to store the data in private cloud storage, and Server is the option for them those want to store the data in their own premises. Tableau also having a free version for users to share public dashboards to the tableau community.

  • Tableau Desktop: There are two options depending on their use as below.

  • Professional: Costs $70 /user/month, allow users to connect a large amount of data sources (files, databases and web applications).

  • Personal: Costs $35/user/month, connects to only files (Excel and Google Sheets).

  • Tableau Online: Business those need their own cloud storage costs $42 /user/month.

  • Tableau Server: For the server $35/user per month with a 10-minimum user.

Power Bi:

Total cloud-based solution, Having very simple pricing structure:

  • Power BI: It’s free to all users and comes with 1 GB of storage space. Data transfer rate will be 10k rows/hour.

  • Power BI Pro: For pro version of Power BI $9.99 /user / month, have access to private cloud storage and all pro user has access to all standard Power BI features. all pro user receives 10 GB of storage, and data transfer rate will be 1 million rows/hour.

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For the near future BI user who are going to spend their time to find the functional of two high rated Bi tools (Tableau & Power Bi) Here you will find all the details. And the user who might to go with tableau, suggestion is if you need bells and whistles- go with tableau.


Power BI (Microsoft product)       

Tableau (Tableau company)

Date Established



Best Use Case


Ad-hoc Analysis

Best Users






Required Investment




Very Good

Very Good

Performance with Large Database       


Very Good




Infrastructure supporting

SaaS only


5.BI Recommendation in different situation

a. Revenue:

$20 million: Go for Tableau

$5 million: Go for Power BI

b. Budget for Implementation:

above $50k: go for Tableau

less than $50k: go for Power Bi

C. Licensing Costs:

Above $25/user/month: go for Tableau

less $25/user/month: go for Power BI

D. Implementation Team:

Combo of developer and business: go for Tableau(preference)

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E. Looking End Users:

Analysts: go for Tableau

Executives: go for Power Bi

F. Number of Systems will connect:

More than 5: go for Tableau

Less than 5: go for Power BI

G. Support level & Gold standard Desired

If yes: go for Tableau

If no: go for Power Bi

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Looking for Winner...?

Nope, these two are best their own prospective. Because now these two BI tools fulfilling the business needs of customers where Tableau is ruling the market and Power Bi try to catch up with Tableau, Power Bi is cost effective and good for small revenue business with all most all features of BI and Tableau is fulfilling all the needs of customers and giving lot of benefits. Currently Power BI is still in developing stage it’s not fully developed, Microsoft developers are working on it adding new features, making the tool more compatible, flexible and user oriented. Tableau also working on new versions aim to give more flexible and advance features to user’s/customers.

So, If Power BI Doesn’t do Everything go for Tableau.

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