Configuring OpenStack Object Storage Service

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Configuring OpenStack Object Storage service:

Configuring our OpenStack Storage environment ,  is abrupt and smooth, as it just involves adding a uniquely generated random alphanumeric string to the /etc/swift/swift.conf file.This random string is embodied in all the nodes at our environment, so be conscious during further usage.

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Getting started

Assure that you are logged into your swift virtual machine . To accomplish this , run :

How to achieve it…

Configuring the OpenStack Storage configuration file to our sandbox environment can be accomplished by carrying out the following simple steps:
1. Firstly , we generate our random string , as shown
< /dev/urandom tr -dc A-Za-z0-9_ | head -c16; echo
2. Later we construct the /etc/swift/swift.conf file, including our generated random string:
# Random unique string used on all nodes swift_hash_path_suffix = thestringyougenerated

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How it works:

We initially generated a random string by publishing characters from the /dev/urandom device. We further joined this string to our swift.conf file , as the swift_has_path_suffix parameter.This random string is then used to scale out our OpenStack Object Storage environment_while creating some more extra nodes.

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