Configuring OpenStack Object Storage Service

Configuring OpenStack Object Storage service:

Configuring our OpenStack Storage environment ,  is abrupt and smooth, as it just involves adding a uniquely generated random alphanumeric string to the /etc/swift/swift.conf file.This random string is embodied in all the nodes at our environment, so be conscious during further usage.

Getting started

Assure that you are logged into your swift virtual machine . To accomplish this , run :

How to achieve it…

Configuring the OpenStack Storage configuration file to our sandbox environment can be accomplished by carrying out the following simple steps:
1. Firstly , we generate our random string , as shown
< /dev/urandom tr -dc A-Za-z0-9_ | head -c16; echo
2. Later we construct the /etc/swift/swift.conf file, including our generated random string:
# Random unique string used on all nodes swift_hash_path_suffix = thestringyougenerated

How it works:

We initially generated a random string by publishing characters from the /dev/urandom device. We further joined this string to our swift.conf file , as the swift_has_path_suffix parameter.This random string is then used to scale out our OpenStack Object Storage environment_while creating some more extra nodes.

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