Installation Of Hadoop Eco-Systems

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Installation of Eco- Systems

Installation of HIVE

Log in as a root user

    Cmd: yum search hadoop

   We can set all the eco-system installation files.

   To Install Hive

Cmd: yum install hadoop-Hive*


                                  All files are related to Hive

   Now all the files which are related to Hive and its dependencies will be installed.

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Note:– Dependencies are hadoop- hbox

                                              hadoop- zookeeper       are installed.

To Install H BASE:

   Cmd: yum install hadoop- hbase*

  Now, all the files which are related to HBase will be installed.

Installation of PIG:

  Cmd: yum install hadoop –pig*

  All the files which are related to the pig are installed.

Installation of zoo-keeper:

  Cmd: yum install hadoop –zookeeper*

  All the files which are related to zookeeper are installed.

Installation of Hue:

  Cmd: yum install hue*

  All the files which are related to Hue are installed.

Installation of OOZIE:

   Cmd: yum install Oozie *

   All the files which are related to Oozie are installed.

Installation of Flume:

  Cmd: yum install Flume *

  Now, All the files which are related to Flume are installed.

Installation of SQOOP:

  Cmd: yum install Sqoop *

  Files which are related to Sqoop are installed.

Installation of Mahout :

  Cmd: yum install Mahout *

  All the files which are related to the Mahout are installed.[including package]

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To Install Whirr :

  Cmd: yum install Whirr *

  All the files and packages which are related to whirr are installed.

Installing snappy:

  Cmd: yum install spice-gfk-tools. 6-64

  Files and packages related to the snappy whirr are installed.

Configuration of Hive :

 Download Mysql jdbc connector i.e.


  Install Mysql software.

Cmd: yum install Mysql*

  Mysql db is installed.

  Copy Mysql jdbc connector jar file in the path /usr/lib/Hive/lib.

  Check that Hive-schema-0.7.0. Mysql.sql is created in the usr/lib/Hive/scripts/up grade/Mysql/

  To start the Mysql service


  Cmd:/Mysql start

  To log into Mysql,

Cmd: Mysql –u root


Configuration of Hive meta store :

  Mysql> create DATABASE meta store;

  Mysql>use meta store;

Mysql>SOURCE/usr/lib/Hive/scripts/meta store/upgrade/my swl/hiv schema-0-7-0- Mysql.sql;

 Mysql>CREATE USER ’hiveuser’@% IDENIIRIED

By ’password’


  Mysql>REVOKE ALTER,CREATE ON meta store

*FROM ’Hiveuser’@’%’;

  Login as root user




  To open the Hive con fig file

Cmd: vi Hive-site.xml

  Provide the Hive configurations in the file.


   Now, we can log into Hive.

   Cmd: Hive


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