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Hitachi UCP for SAP HANA Platform

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Hitachi UCP

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Select for SAP HANA is an SAP-certified, optimized, and converged infrastructure platform for SAP HANA that enhances an organization’s decision-making capabilities while providing advanced business insights based on instant, intuitive access to data.

This platform is comprised of Hitachi Compute Blade 2000 and Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) 130, an enterprise-class storage system rated at 99.999% uptime with SAP in-memory computing technology for a broad range of high-speed analytic capabilities.

The HDS SAP HANA Solution is pre-integrated in Hitachi Data Systems distribution centers and is architected to meet SAP’s high standards, including SUSE Linux 11 (for SAP) and SAP HANA.

Customers can derive the following benefits from Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Select for SAP HANA:

Predictable, repeatable, reliable results: Pre-validated reference architectures, pre-packaged solutions with enterprise-class components across the entire stack, and targeted provisioning to help ensure consistent, predictable results as organizations look to manage and store massive volumes of rapidly changing data.

Exceptional performance: High-density computing and throughput with wide-striping technology for enhanced utilization. Customers benefit from flexible server management capabilities and scalable architectures.

Faster time-to-value: Quicker, simpler deployment offered from a single source for ordering and for providing services for planning and implementation. Pre-configuration and SAP validation of key components drastically reduce on-site deployment time. Intelligent automation of complex tasks enables rapid provisioning of resources with the assurance that the appropriate underlying infrastructure components are in place.

As additional applications and business units use SAP HANA or the organization’s data volumes increase, all three Hitachi SAP HANA appliances sizes — ‘Small’, ‘Medium’, and ‘Large’ — enable users to easily scale system processing capability without “forklift upgrades” or complete system overhauls. Customers may elect to start with a ‘Small’ configuration and easily scale to ‘Medium’ or  ‘Large’ by inserting additional blades into the server chassis. There is no need to change server models because scaling requires a ‘Medium’ or ‘Large’ appliance size.

Hitachi SAP HANA Appliances Sizes

Each Hitachi Data Systems Converged Platform for SAP HANA – ‘Small’, ‘Medium’, and ‘Large’– is delivered as a single unit that is ready to plug into the customer network. In addition, each platform offers a scalable patch to easily increase the system’s processing capability.

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Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Select for SAP HANA includes:

The “Hitachi UCP Sales Expert Learning Path” is intended for Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Focus Partners to learn how to identify, sell, and position Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Solutions.

Operating System: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1 for SAP

Storage: Hitachi Unified Storage 130, with a 99.999% uptime rating, is designed for high availability, down to the dual battery backup that protects the cache during power outages. It contains symmetric active-active controllers that self-balance workloads.

SAN: Fibre Channel host bus adaptors

Blade servers: Hitachi Compute Blade 2000 offers the considerable I/O capacity and onboard memory that are required for effective implementation of SAP HANA. Systems include 4-way x86 blade servers with Intel 10-core processors.


  • SAP HANA Load Controller 1.0
  • SAP IMCE Server 1.0, Client, Studio
  • SAP Host Agent
  • Sybase Replication Server 15.5 +ECDA

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Select for SAP HANA — Small, Medium, Large — meets varying performance requirements. All three options come with Hitachi Unified Storage, 130 storage subsystems and with SAP HANA pre-loaded.

                                     Specifications SAP HANA

Hitachi supports SAP HANA from the smallest configuration with a single Compute Blade and 256 GB of RAM to the largest configuration of 4 Compute Blade 2000s and 1.0 terabytes of  RAM.

  • Operating System: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 for SAP
  • Storage: Hitachi HUS 130, which is designed for high availability, down to the dual battery backup that protects the cache during power outage. It contains a symmetric active-active controllers that self-balance workloads.
  • Network: Fibre Channel hosts bus adaptors
  • Compute: Hitachi Compute Blade 2000 offers the large I/O capacity and onboard memory required for effective implementation of SAP HANA

                            Hitachi Compute Blade 2000

                                                      Figure 1 —Hitachi SAP HANA Appliance Architecture                                                                                              

Hitachi-SAP Alliance

Since 1994, Hitachi, Ltd., and its subsidiaries, including Hitachi Data Systems, have had a strategic relationship with SAP that includes the sale, integration, and implementation of SAP solutions. During this time, Hitachi has won numerous SAP awards for exceptional customer satisfaction.

In 2011, Hitachi became an SAP Global Technology Partner, the highest level of partnership SAP offers. Many large global enterprises run their business on SAP and Hitachi.

Hitachi also ensures the necessary storage performance and high throughput to meet the stringent demands of in-memory computing. By dramatically reducing the traditional delay between operations and analytics, this platform helps business leaders gain near real-time insights and information to make smarter business decisions, faster.

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Hitachi Data Systems Global Solution Services (GSS) offers experienced infrastructure consultants, proven methodologies, and comprehensive services for converged platforms to help customers further streamline their SAP environments.

The HANA Implementation Service ensures smooth integration with lower risk and accelerated deployment of the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform, Select for SAP HANA tailored to our customer’s specific needs. Along with our consulting partners such as Hitachi Consulting, we can integrate and customize the solution into the customer’s SAP environment.

Support Infrastructure

Hitachi Data Systems Global Services and Hitachi Consulting are equipped to support every aspect of an SAP HANA solution. In addition, they provide strategy; infrastructure; and HANA Appliance, Integration, Development, and Support Services for a HANA initiative.

Modern information technologies have blurred the lines between infrastructure, software, and applications. Given this reality, having one partner who provides a single, fully integrated solution is a tremendous benefit. Hitachi’s full breadth of capabilities delivers one fully integrated, highly-optimized environment that ensures the desired results in a lower-cost, lower-risk, high-business-value HANA initiative.

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