Using Metadata

If you do not know your metadata, you do not truly know your data.
With the release of Qlikview 10, the ability to add metadata was added as a feature in the software. Qlikview has several functions and overview windows for metadata that a developer can embed and use within an application. Metadata is about data, and for qlik view applications this means information about system-and-developer-created tags, as well as objects, qlikview documents, data lineage as it flows from the source to QVD to QVW, and many other bits of information. Utilizing this new functionality will allow you to provide your users with additional information in a friendly matter.

The ability for qlikview to create, store, and read metadata has now been built into the core framework of qlikview.

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How does this help to the developers or users?

Metadata is automatically built into any qlik view document, when this is combined with the qlik view governance dashboard, it can be a great help to developers and qlikview administrators.

The following diagram is an example of the qlikview governance dashboard application:

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Developers or users

The qlikview governance dashboard application contains loads of information and charts on usage trends, job runtimes, qlikview documents accessible by whom and when, qlik view documentation updates, object/chart counts, expressions in the qlik view documents, data reloads, stored and accessed QVD, and data lineage. Developers and administrators can use the dashboard to test and monitor their applications, as well as expose underlying faults in the data model, chart expressions, or data source issues that require attention.

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Previously for applications like the qlikview governance dashboard (which is available for free download from qlik market,, application developers had to patch together various monitoring applications to access metadata and other system Qlik view data.

Other uses of metadata may be using tags and object information to create a searchable qlikview application portal, allowing end users to search for key performance indicators or other chart information created by developers and business intelligence architects.

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Metadata in Your Application

Once you have defined some Metadata in your application, there are certain possible fields where it will be used.

  • The first location will be Document Settings, on the Tables tab.
  • The users will see you Metadata when adding fields as List Boxes and in Charts.

Making use of Metadata may be something that requires a little training for your users, but utilizing it will help you to broaden your use of the applications.

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