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Audio Player in iPhone

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Audio player:-

Audio and video are quite common in the latest devices. An instance of the AVAudioPlayer class, called an audio player, provides playback of audio data from a file or memory. It is supported in iOS with the help of AV FOUNDATION.FRAMEWORK and Media Player. framework respectively. 

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Add the AVFoundation Framework.

Framework Capture15 --> Add Capture15  --> Existing FrameWork Capture 15 --> AVFoundation Frame work.

.h file:-

# import   < UIKIT/UIKIT .H>
# import 
@ interface divAudioPlayerviewController : UIView Controller.
{                                                           {


.m file:-

# import  “divAudio player viewController .h”
@ implementation divAudioplayerviewController
-(void) viewDidLoad

Capture 15//

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How to get resources file path:

  • Using an audio player you can:
  • Play sounds of any duration
  • Play sounds from files or memory buffers
  • Loop sounds
  • Play multiple sounds simultaneously, one sound per audio player, with precise synchronization
  • Control relative playback level, stereo positioning, and playback rate for each sound you are playing
  • Seek to a particular point in a sound file, which supports such application features as fast forward and rewind
  • Obtain data you can use for playback-level metering
NSString   * path  =  [[ NSBundle  mainBundle]
PathForResources  : @  “or   Enduko emo” Of Type :@ “MP3”];
NSURL    * URL   =  [ NSURL fileURLwithpath :path];
Av AudioPlayer   *  audioPlayer    =   [[ AVAudio player  alloc]
                  Init WithContentsof   URL:url    error :nil];

Capture 15//

Setting Volume:

[ audioplayer  set volume  :1]  //   0 to 1  (max value is 1)

Capture 15//

Repeat play:

[ audioplayer  setNumberofLoops:2];

Capture 15//

prepare  to play:

[ audioplayer  PrepareToplay];

Capture 15//

Setting  Delegate:

[  audioplayer  setDelegate: self]

Capture 15//


[ audioplayer  play];

Capture 15//


[ audioplayer   pause];

Capture 15//


[  audioplayer stop];
[ super viewDidLoad];

Capture 15

-(void) audioplayerDidFinishplaying: (AVAudio player    *)
             Player  Successfully  : (Bool)flag
If (flag)
NSLog ( @ “ Audioplayer  DidFinishplaying is successfully”)
 NSLog ( @ “AudioplayerDidFinishplaying  is un successfully”)

Capture 15

 -(void) audioplayerDecade  ErrorDidOccur: (AV player    *)
                            Player error : ( ns error       *) error
UIAlertView     * alert  =   [[ UIAlertview   alloc]
InitwithTitle: @  “message” message: [NSString
StringwithFormat: @ “% @”, error .user info] delegate :nil
Cancel  button title: @ “ok” otherButtonTitles :nil];
[ alert show];
[ alert release];


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