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Beginning Core graphics on the iPhone

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by Ruchitha Geebu
Last modified: March 2nd 2021

Core Graphics Framework Reference:

The Core Graphics Framework is a c-based API that is based on the quartz advanced drawing engine. It provides low-level light 20 renderings with unmatched output fidelity. You use this framework to handle path–based drawing, transformation, color management, offscreen rendering, patterns, gradients and shadings, image data management, Image Creation masking, and POF document creation, display, and parsing.

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a) CGpoint
b) CGRect
c) CGSize

A) Struct   CGpoint
       CGFloat   x;
       CGFloat   y;
      } b) struct    CGRect
       CGpoint    Origin;
       CGSize      Size;
c) struct CGSize
      CGFloat width;
      CGFloat  height;

// preparing CGPoint:   (x,y)

CGPoint    pnt;   object   creating   for   CG point
  Pnt .x     =    200;
  Pnt .y     =    50;
CGPoint  make   (200,50);

// preparing     CGSize  :     ( width ,   height)

CG size     Size;
Size.    Width     =200;
Size.    Height    =  100;
CGSizeMake  (  200,100);
// preparing CGRect   (x,y,  width, height)

CGRect  re;

rc. Origin .x=20;
rc. origin .y=30;

rc. Size. Width= 100;
rc. size. height=200;
CGRectMake  (20,30,100,200);


. h file:-

#  import    
@  interface   UI titledViewController   :   UIViewController
IBOutlet     UIImage   view*  imgview;
-(IBAction )  button   click;
@  end

  . m file:-

#  import   “ UItitledViewController. h”
@  implementation   UItitledViewController
-(void) viewDidload
  Imgview.  Image   =  [UIImage  imageNamed@  “I phone – 4.jpg”]
  Imgview .frame   =    self  .  view   . frame;
 Imgview . alpha  = 1;
[  Super viewDidload];
-(IBAction )   button   click
CGRect    rc   =  imgview. Frame;
NSLog   (@  “rc  is    c  %     0. Of,   %  0.of,  %0.of”);
rc .origin  x ,rc. Origin .y,          rc. size. width ,rc size. Height);
                                                       ↓           ↓  
        Point origin             +         point   size  =   CGRect


// Imgview. frame=  CGRectMake  (rc.origin.x+100,
(To make changes                 rc.origin.y+150,                          
    In the image                 rc.size.width+50;
Which is in the Rect )           rc .size. height+50);
// center
Imgview .Center    = self .view .center;
Img view.  bounds


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