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Objective C – Exception handling In iPhone

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The exception handling mechanisms available to OBJECTIVE-C programs are effective ways of dealing with exceptional conditions. They decouple the detection and handling of these conditions and automate the propagation of the exception from the point of detection to the point of handling. As a result, your code can be much cleaner, easier to write correctly, and easier to maintain.

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Exception Handling

An exception is generated at runtime and these are runtime, error, objective c language as an exception handling syntax similar to c++, java and here we use NS exception, NS error.
An exception is a special condition but interrupts the normal flow of execution objective c has four exception compiler directives. They are.


Try Black:-

try black holds code that can potentially throw an exception that is enclosed in a try block.


Int  x;
   Scan f (  “%d”,    &x);

Int y =  2/x;

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Catch Block:-

 A catch block contains exception handling logic for exception throw in a try block. We can have multiple catch block for single try block.


 @  catch (NS argument exception * aex)
@catch(NS exception   *  ex)

Finally, block:-  

This block is optional and it contains a code for declaration of resources.




 NS exception classes the base class for all the exception-related classes.


By using throws, we can rise over our own exception.


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