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The programmer can use the Context Help window, the LabVIEW Help, and the NI Example Finder to help build and edit VIs. The Context Help window displays basic information about LabVIEW objects when you move the cursor over each object. To toggle the display of the Context Help window, select Help» Show Context Help, press or click the Show Context Help Window button on the toolbar. The LabVIEW Help contains detailed descriptions of most palettes, menus, tools, VIs and functions. The LabVIEW Help also includes step-by-step instructions for using LabVIEW features. Access LabVIEW Help by the following methods:

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  • Click the More Help button in the Context Help window
  • Select Help»Search the LabVIEW Help
  • Use the Click here for more help link in the Context Help window
  • Right-click an object and select Help

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The New dialog box contains many LabVIEW template VIs that you can use to start building VIs. However, these template VIs are only a subset of the hundreds of example VIs included with LabVIEW. You can modify any example VI to fit an application, or you can copy and paste from an example into a VI that you create. In addition to the example VIs that ship with LabVIEW, you also can access hundreds of example VIs on the NI Developer Zone at To search all examples using LabVIEW VIs, use the NI Example Finder. The NI Example Finder is the gateway to all installed examples and the examples located on the NI Developer Zone. To launch the NI Example Finder, select Help»Find Examples from the front panel or block diagram menu bar. You also can launch the NI Example Finder by clicking the arrow on the Open button on the LabVIEW dialog box and selecting Examples from the shortcut menu.

Frequently Asked LabVIEW Interview Questions & Answers

Keyboard Shortcuts

Frequently used Menu options have equivalent keyboard shortcuts:

  •  Save a VI
  •  Run a VI
  •  Toggle between the front panel and block diagram.
  •  Activate Context Help window.
  •  Remove all broken wires.
  •  Find object
  • -right-click   to access Tools Palette
  • Press the key while using the positioning tool to click and drag a selection to duplicate an object.

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