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Control Palette of Front Panel in LabVIEW

This tutorial will teach you about the Control Palette of the Front Panel in LabVIEW.

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Front Panel—Controls Palette

The Controls palette shown in the Figure is available only on the front panel. The Controls palette contains the controls and indicators which you can use to create the front panel. The Controls palette can be accessed from the front panel by selecting View» Controls Palette or by right-clicking an open space on the front panel window to display the Controls palette. The Controls palettes contain subpalettes of objects which you can use to create a VI. When you click a subpalette icon, the entire palette changes to the subpalette you selected. To use an object on the palettes, click the object and place it on the front panel.

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Controls and Function palettes Tool bar

Table 2.4 lists the tools available in the toolbar of the Controls and Function palettes.
Controls and Function palettes tools

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