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Reasons to Use Linux

There are many different programs that are out on the market that you can choose to use for your programming needs. All of them are going to have things that you are going to love and other things that you might not like as much. There is not going to be a program out there that is going to be everything that you ever wanted because everyone has their preferences. If you have to pick one of the best programming software systems that you can get on the market, there is nothing that is better and has more benefits than that offered by Linux. This section is going to give you some of the best reasons why you should choose to go with the Linux system rather than choosing one of the other systems in the market.

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Linux is free — One of the reasons that you might want to look at using this program is that it is free. This is in fact one of the main benefits that people will look into when they are picking this product over others on the market. This is a great thing, especially if you are just learning how to do programming and you do not want to invest a huge amount before seeing if you can get on with the program. If you are starting out with a programming career, you might find that having a free LINUX OPERATING SYSTEM is a great benefit because you can keep your costs minimal. You will be able to use this product for however long you like and once you do, chances are that you won’t look back.

Easy to use and install this product — It is not going to take a lot of time for you to download this product and you are going to be able to figure out how to use it in no time, no matter how much experience you have with this system. This means that it is a great product to use if you are a beginner with this kind of system because you are not going to need a lot of experience. You will then be able to get started with your work in no time without a lot of delays.

Commercial support — In the past, many businesses found that they were going to have trouble getting the commercial support that they needed in order to get the work done. This is one of the main reasons that they might have chosen to stay with Windows in the past. Canonical, Novell, and Red Hat, the three big companies that provide Linux, have been able to put this fear to rest. This means that you will be able to get the commercial support that you need for this product whenever you need it. Each of the companies listed above offer support at any time of the day, all year long in order to help support your mission critical applications as well as the other business needs that you have.

.NET Support — Businesses that have had to standardize this work on the Microsoft technology, especially when it comes to their .NET web technology, will be happy to find out that the Linux platform is going to be able to support all of these same applications. Novell owns and helps to support the Mono project that is set up to maintain the .NET compatibility that you are looking for. One of the goals of the Mono project is to be able to provide businesses with the ability that they need in order to make choices and to resist the lock-in that can happen to vendors. Additionally, this project is able to offer Visual Studio plugins so that the .NET developers are easily able to transfer their products from Windows without changing all of the work that they are doing or changing their familiar development tools. This effort is put in because the developers know that .Net application stability with Linux is much better than what can be found with Windows and so they want to be able to provide this service to all potential customers.

Unix uptimes — Linux stability is able to offer business owners the peace that they need to know that their applications are not going to go through long outages due to having issues with the stability of an Operating system. Linux is going to enjoy some of the best uptimes because of their connection with Unix. This stability is able to prove that Linux is able to support you as much as any other program that is available. Rebooting after each patch, service pack, or any other changes can make a program unreliable which are things that you do not have to worry about when it comes to this system. You will be able to know that your design is going to be up and running at all of the times that you need.

Security — When you are working on a platform like this, you are going to want to make sure that you have an operating system that is as secure as possible. Of course, you are not going to be able to find one that is going to be secure all of the time. But with Linux, you are going to get some of the best security that is in the market. From the updates to the daily lists of patches that are done, the Linux code is going to keep the system as secure as possible. The owners who are relying on the commercially supported Linux systems will be able to access all of the available security fixes that are offered. With this platform, you are going to have a community that is available throughout the world that can secure the fixes rather than having to rely on just one company that has a closed source code; when this happens, you are dependent on the response that is coming from one company to get the fixes that you want, which is sometimes going to take a little bit of time to get done. When you have a program like Linux, many companies are going to work to provide you with the fixes that you need so that you can get taken care of right away.

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Transferrable skills — one of the barriers that came up when Linux was first developed is that it was too different from Unix so that when administrators from Unix try to move over to Linux, they would not be able to do it. The Linux layout looks a lot like any of the commercial versions of Unix and it also uses a lot of the standard commands that come with Unix. There are a few commands in Linux that are not able to transfer, but this is also going to be true when you are switching between versions of Unix. This means that those who are used to usage of Unix are going to be able to easily move over to Linux without any issues.

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Commodity hardware — One of the things that many business owners like about the Linux software is that they are able to use their old systems, even the ones that are out of date, on Linux and it is still going to work well. Fortunately for those who are adopting Linux into their lives, there are no issues with hardware upgrades that are going to follow with each of the new versions of the software that is released. This means that when you get a new version, you are still going to be able to use some of the old programs that you have without having to worry about whether the program is going to work or not.

Worldwide community — Linux is great in providing you with a worldwide community of different developers that are going to contribute to the system enhancements, security fixes, and source code that help to make the system run. This community is also there to provide your business with some free support through different forums and other community sites. This kind of community is a great way to get the peace of mind that you need as a Linux user because there is not going to be just one single point where the failure occurs and no single source where the development and support are coming from.

Linux foundation — this is a corporate collective of many different platinum supporters such as Oracle, Novell, NEC, Intel, IBM, HP, Hitachi, and Fujitsu, and other members who, through memberships and donation dues, sponsor what is known as Linus Torvalds and the others who are working at Linux full time. The purpose of this foundation is to help standardize, protect, promote Linux in order to help fuel the growth that is needed for it around the world. This foundation is the source of all the things that are considered Linux. This is a big positive for all Linux users and the adopters because it assures that Linux is going to be continually developed to get things done.

Regular updates — This product is going to provide you with updates on a regular basis so that you are not having to wait around for it like you were doing with the Windows service pack that takes 18 months to occur. With Linux, you are able to get new and improved versions of the product every six months. Every distribution of Linux is able to offer regular updates of the sources and packages that it offers several times each year as well as any security fixes that are needed even if they are needed more than twice a year. You will be able to get rid of any of the angst that you are feeling about upgrading your system because the update and the upgrade is easy and you are not going to have to reboot the system when you are done.

As you can see, there are a lot of different benefits that you will be able to get from using this system, especially when you are able to compare it to the other systems that are on the market. It is a great idea to take the time to look over this product if you would like one system that is going to work out the best to meet all of your needs without having to worry about security or ease of use that you might have had to do with the rest of your software.


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