Microsoft Dynamics CRM Interview Questions

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Interview Question And Answers:

Q.What are the different types of solutions in Dynamics CRM?

There are two types Dynamics CRM solutions: Managed and Unmanaged. We have ‘Default Solution’ also in CRM with all components of instance

Q.Can we export Default solution as “Managed Solution”?


Q.What is Managed Solution?

Managed solutions is a kind of completed package that we can distribute to others to install in their CRM organizations.

Q.What is unmanaged solution?

Unmanaged solutions is a group of unmanaged customizations. Any unmanaged customized solution component can be associated with any number of unmanaged solutions.
We can export an unmanaged solution as Managed solution. We can’t rollback the customizations once import into CRM instance.

Q.Can we update the components in Managed solution?

No, we can’t update the components in Managed solution

Q.What is the process to update Managed solution?

By using Managed Properties of Managed solution

Q.How can we know the Owner of Managed solution?

Each Managed solution is linked with Publisher. Publisher indicates the owner of the Managed solution who developed it.

Q.What is the difference between Remove and Delete buttons on solution?

Remove button release the components from the solution whereas Delete button removes the component from CRM system.

Q.What are all the steps to create a solution?

    • Navigate to Settings – Solutions
    • Click on New
    • Fill the required fields like Name, version. Select the Publisher record (Create if not existed)

Q.What are all the steps to Export the solution as Managed solution?

    • Navigate to Settings – Solutions
    • Select the solution that you want to export
    • Click on “Export”
    • Follow the Wizard and select “Managed” solution type in “Package Type” page.
    • Follow the remaining steps in wizard and save the solution

Q.What are all components can be added to solution?

The following is a list of solution components that you can view within a solution:

    • Application Ribbon
    • Article Template
    • Business Rule
    • Chart
    • Connection Role
    • Contract Template
    • Dashboard
    • Email Template
    • Entity
    • Entity Relationship
    • Field
    • Field Security Profile
    • Form
    • Mail Merge Template
    • Message
    • Option Set
    • Plug-in Assembly
    • Process
    • Report
    • Sdk Message Processing Step
    • Security Role
    • Service Endpoint
    • Site Map
    • Web Resource

Q.What is meant by web resources and how many types of web resources we have?

Web resource is one of the component in CRM to create JS, HTML, Silverlight, images and style sheet files. We can create below types of web resources in CRM:

    • Webpage (HTML)
    • Style Sheet (CSS)
    • Script (JScript)
    • Data (XML)
    • Image (PNG)
    • Image (JPG)
    • Image (GIF)
    • Silverlight (XAP)
    • StyleSheet (XSL)
    • Image (ICO)

Q.What are all the new components we create from solution?

Below components can be directly create from solution file:

    • Entity
    • Option sets
    • Web Resources
    • Processes
    • Dashboards
    • Reports
    • Connection Roles
    • Security Roles
    • Templates (Email, Mail merge, contract and Article)
    • Field security profiles

Q.What are all the components require Publish when they update in system?

Below solution components require publishing when they are updated:

    • Application Ribbon
    • Entity
    • Entity Relationship
    • Field
    • Form
    • Message
    • Option Set
    • Site Map
    • Web Resource

Q.What are the minimum privileges required to create solution?

    • Read write of Customizations
    • Read write of solutions
    • Read write of publishers
    • Read write of web resources
    • Import and Export customizations
    • Publish customizations

Q.What is meant by Managed Properties?

We can’t customize Managed solution components. By using, Managed properties of Managed solutions users can customize these Managed solution components.

Q.What is meant by publisher and why we are using it in Dynamics CRM Solutions?

Every solution in CRM has a Publisher. Publisher record stores the information like address and contact information of solution publisher.
CRM default solution has its own default publisher with the name “Default Publisher for ”
We can create our own Publisher for solution and can define the “Prefix” for the custom components and start value of Option set values.

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