How to Create a CUBE in SSAS

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This is possible in ways a) Without Template b) With template


  • On the fly we need to create measures, measure groups, attributes and dimensions.
  • The on the fly created objects we can store in a data base, so that we can process data later.


Solution Explorer → cube → new cube → next → o  Generate tables in the data source template(None) Next → Add new measures Measure name       measure group        data type         Aggregation Actual cost              Text_Fact_new         Single              Sum Estimated cost       Text_Fact_new         Single              AVG —- —– Next → Select dimensions from template Time———- Run new dimensions Name             SCD         Attributes Product 1                           – – – – – – Location 1                         – – – – – – – Next → next → Regular calendar

Dimension Usage:

Dimension        Measure Group1 Time1 Product1 Location1 Next → cube name: CB-Test Generate schema now → Finish → Next → Create a new data source view Data source view name: DSV_CB_TEST Data source: CB_TEST_DS [if required click new & specify —–] Next → next → next → finish → close Now (a) The time 1, product 1, location 1, text fact new tables created in a data source (CB-TEST-DS) (b) cube opens in BIDS Deploy cube, process cube by adding data in source tables (timel, product 1—–).


  • Here there “templates” and select / Create dimensions, facts on the fly (dynamically).


Cubes → RC new cube → Next → Generate tables in the data source template Select template (Adventure works enter pries edition) Next → Select measures, Measure group (or) Create Measures, Measure group Next → select dimensions (or) Create dimensions Next ———-<Rest of the process like above>

Developer Responsibilities

  1. Understanding analysis services documents and business needs.
  2. Creating calculations, actions, Kpis
  3. Adding, manipulating  measures
  4. Adding, removing dimensions and relationships
  5. Processing dimensions and facts
  6. Working on named queries, calculations
  7. Writing MDX queries, expressions
  8. Calculated measures, members etc—-
  9. Creating partitions (if required)

DBA Responsibilities

  1. Deployment
  2. Security
  3. Creating data source data source views
  4. Manipulating structures
  5. Managing partitions
  6. Creating cube (optional)

Modelers/Designers Response

  1. Designing a model (star schema, snow flake etc—) for the project
  2. Creating cube, partitions etc.
  3. Defining relationships etc—

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