Creating Reports

There are 3 ways to create re ports

  1. By using report server project wizard
  2. By using report server project
  3. By using report model & builder

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Steps To Create A Report:

  1. Create a data Source
  2. Create a data set
  3. Take the report layout
  4. Design the layout
  5. Use the data set fields in the layout
  6. Do parameterization (or) implement actions (optional)
  7. Public the report
  8. View the report from the report manager (or) report server (or) control from any 3rd party.  Applications (or) Report viewer etc

 Creating Reports

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Data Source:

It is a connection to the database

Data set: It is a logical representation of table (or ) tables.

Shared data source: It is a data source which can be used across any report in the same solution

1)  Create a Report by using Report server project wizard:

Open bids → file → new project → select template as project server project wizard → assign name → click ok → new data source → type → click edit

Next → click query builder → query designer → add table → select required fields → click ok.

next → select the report type (tabular, matrix) → next → design the table → choose

Choose the Available fields into page, group and details

Remove → click next → choose the table layout → stepped (or) blocked → next → specify color → next → choose the deployment location → report server

https:// RAWAN:8080/Report server __DWH → Next → report name → finish

In Wizard → press build → click deploy option

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CREATING STANDARD REPORTING (Real time creating reports)

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    Open BIDS → New Project → select Template as Report server project → click ok

  2. View → solution Explorer → Shared Data sources → RT click → Add new Data Source and Create a data source for DB-MSBI

  3. Reports → RT click → Add → New Item → Report → specify name (report _ partyard)

  4. Add → view →  Tool box → Drag the Table Region on to the layout.

  5. View → Report data → New → Data Source → Specify any name (DST_DBMS BI) → click the option “use shared data source reference → click ok

  6. New → Data set → specify name (DST_DBMSBI) → Data source (DS_DB_MSBI) → Query Type → click Text option → Query designer (if we do not know how to write a query)

  7. Drag and drop Data set fields on the layout (or) Select the Fields in the Layout

  8. Preview

  9. View → solution Explorer → solution RT click → Properties → In “Target Server URL “Option we should enter the URL Manully https:// rawan:8080/report server _DWH → click ok

  10. Build → deploy

  11. Go to the manager and observer the report

Frequently Asked MSBI Interview Questions & Answers

Data Regions in the report

  1. Table

  2. Matrix

  3. List

  4. Chart

  5. Sub report etc

  6. Guage

Report Items:

  • Image

  • Pointer

  • Line

  • Text box

  • Rectangle

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