SSAS Security

  • SSAS BIDS level it supports ‘role-based’ security
  • User (or) group assigns to a Role, each role contains set of responsibilities. (objects privileges – access, Read, write)

Eg:-     VINAY/DWTH                                                    ——– user/Group

Tester                                                                 ——-  Role

Functional testing writing test                  ——- Responsibilities
Cases etc…..
Eg:- Creating two roles (developer_SSAS, Tester –SSA with different objects and different privilege and observing the result.

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1. Solution Explore → Roles → Roles → RC → New Role →
Role name:         Developer _Role_SSAS
Role Description: Developers has full  privileges

  • Full Control (Administrator) Membership

Add  → CLICK → Enter the object names to select → VINAY → CHECK NAMES → OK
In ss 2005, even we select full control, we can edit objects and its security. That means the tabs (data sources, cubes ___) enabled for operations.
IN 2008, full control option disables remaining tabs.

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2.  Role → New Role → General
Role Name: Tester __ Role__ SSAS

Role Description: No privileges to Lester (or)

Process database limited privileges membership
Add  → Madhu → check names → Data sources
DS_Text tiles 1                  Read
DS_Texttiles 2                   None
Textiles –Cube Read Drill through

4.  Click Change user icon → roles → Developer—role—SSAS & See the result
5.  Roles → select → tester_role_SSAS and observe


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