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The Swift Client Tool allows us to directly delete containers and objects within our OpenStack Object Storage environment.

Getting started

Log in to a computer or server that has the swift client package installed..

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How to achieve it…

We will delete objects in our OpenStack Object Storage environment using the different swift client options:

Deleting objects

To delete the object tmp/test/test1, we issue the following:

This deletes the object tmp/test/test1 from the container test.

Deleting multiple objects

To delete the objects tmp/test/test2 and tmp/example-500Mb, we issue the following command:

This deletes the objects tmp/test/test2 and tmp/example-500Mb from the container test.

Deleting containers

To delete our test container, we issue the following command:

This will delete the container and any objects under this container.

Deleting everything from our account

To delete all containers and objects in our account, we issue the following command:

This will delete all containers and any objects under these containers.

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How it works…

The swift client is a basic but versatile tool that allows us to do many of the things we want to do with files. Deleting objects and containers is achieved using the following syntax:

To download all objects from our account (for example, from all containers), we specify the following syntax:

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