Deleting volumes – OpenStack

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At some point, you will no longer need the volumes you have created. To remove the volumes from the system permanently, so that they are no longer available, we simply pull out another tool from Nova Client, the volume-delete.

Getting started

Ensure that you are logged into that Ubuntu host where Nova Client is installed and have sourced in your OpenStack environment credentials.

How to achieve it…


Be aware, this is a one-way deletion of data. It’s gone. Unless you’ve good backups, you will want to ensure you really want it to be gone.

To delete a volume using Nova Client, carry out the following steps:

  • First, we list the volumes available to identify the volume we want to delete, as follows:
nova volume-list
  • We now simply use the volume ID to delete this from the system, as follows:
nova volume-delete <volume_id>
  • On deletion, the volume you have deleted will be printed on screen.

How it works…

Deleting images removes the LVM volume from use within our system. To do this, we simply specify the volume ID as a parameter to nova volume-delete (when using Nova Client), first ensuring that the volume is not in use.


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