Expanding our OpenStack environment

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Having a single node OpenStack environment is great, and you can do many things with it. However, now that we have an OpenStack producing factory with CHEF and RAZOR, we can easily scale our environment to as many nodes as is required.

Getting started

Spin up another blank VM on the Razor network:

vagrant up node-##

In our immediate case ## is 02, however, as you are testing this, you may want to go beyond.

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How to accomplish it…

Once the node is booted in the broker success status, log into the Chef Server and run the following command:

EDITOR=vim knife node edit

Change the following line:

"chef_environment": "cookbook",

Add these lines:

"run_list": [ "role[single-compute]"

Then exit vim with ‘:wq’.
Next log into the node and execute:  chef-client.

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How it works…

Once logged into the Chef Server, we modified the definition of the node to place it into our OpenStack environment. Additionally, we assigned the node the “single-compute” role, which tells the Chef Server to supply the various environmental details, such as the location of our “all in one” node. With these configuration details, the Chef recipes handles adding the compute node to the cluster automatically.

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