Installing the swift client tool

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In order to operate our OpenStack Object Storage environment, we need to install an appropriate tool on our client. Swift ships with the swift tool, is one such component that allows us to upload, download, and modify files in our OpenStack Object Storage environment.

Getting ready..

To begin with, ensure you are logged into computer or server where we can install the swift client and has access to our OpenStack environment on the host address The following instructions describes the installation procedure for the Ubuntu Operating System.

We will be using OpenStack Object Storage, authenticating against the OpenStack Identity Service, Keystone. Its configuration can be read from Configuring OpenStack Object Storage with OpenStack Identity Service.

How to do it…

We download and install the swift client conveniently from the Ubuntu repositories using the familiar utility as follows:

  • Installation of the swift client is done by installing the swift package as well as acquiring the python libraries for the OpenStack Identity Service, Keystone. We do this as follows:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get -y install python-swiftclient python-keystone

  • No further configuration is required. To test that you have successfully installed swift and can connect to your OpenStack Object Storage server, issue the following command:

swift -V 2.0 -A \ -U cookbook:demo -K openstack stat

  • This will bring back statistics about our OpenStack Object Storage environment to which a demo user, who is a member of the cookbook tenant, has access. An example is shown in the below screenshot:


How it works…

The swift client package is easily installed under Ubuntu and it requires no further configuration after downloading, as all parameters needed to communicate with OpenStack Object Storage use the command line.


When contacting that OpenStack Object Storage which uses the OpenStack Identity Service authentication, you can configure your client to communicate to OpenStack Identity Server, not OpenStack Object Storage Proxy Server.


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