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The Swift Client Tool allows you to easily list containers and objects within your OpenStack Object Storage account.

Getting started

Log in to a computer or server that has the swift client package installed.

How to do it…

Carry out the following to list objects within our OpenStack Object Storage environment:

Listing all objects in a container

In the preceding recipes, we uploaded a small number of files. To simply list the objects within our test container, we issue the following command:

This will show output similar to the following:

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Listing specific object paths within a container

To list just the files within the tmp/test path, we specify this with the -p parameter, as follows:

How it works…

The tool swift is a basic but versatile utility that allows us to do many of the things we want to do with files. Listing them in a way that suits the user is also possible. To simply list the contents of our container, the syntax is as follows:


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