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Managing OpenStack Object Storage cluster with swift-init

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The OpenStack Object Storage is a multi-tenant object storage system. It is highly scalable and can manage large amounts of unstructured data.
Services in our OpenStack Object Storage environment can be managed using the swift-init tool. This tool allows us to control all the daemons in OpenStack Storage in a convenient way. For information on installing and configuring the Swift services or daemons, Installing OpenStack Object Storage.

Getting started

Log in to any OpenStack Object Storage node.

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How to achieve it…

The swift-init tool can be used to control any of the running daemons in our OpenStack Storage cluster, which makes it a convenient tool, rather than calling individual init scripts.
Each command can be run with the following commands:

{ command } can be one of the following:

How it works…

The swift-init tool is a single tool that can be used to manage any of the running OpenStack Object Storage daemons. This allows for consistency in managing our cluster.

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