Stopping and starting OpenStack Object Storage

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Now that we have configured our OpenStack Object Storage installation, it’s time to start our services, so that they’re run on our swift virtual machine, and are ready for us to use for storing objects and images in our OpenStack environment.

Getting started..

Ensure that you are logged in to your swift virtual machine. To accomplish this, run:

vagrant ssh swift

How to achieve it…

Controlling OpenStack Object Storage services is achieved by using SysV Init scripts, utilizing the service command.

Since the OpenStack Object Storage services may have started following installation of the packages, we will restart the needed services to ensure that the services have correct configuration and are running as expected.

sudo swift-init main start sudo swift-init rest start

How it works…

The OpenStack Object Storage services are simply started, stopped, and restarted, using the following syntax:

sudo swift-init main {start, stop, restart} sudo swift-init rest {start, stop, restart}

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