Overview of Amazon EC2

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Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is a web service interface that provides resizable computing services in the AWS cloud space.  Specifically built for designers so that they have fuller access and hold the complete access to web scaling and computing resources.

EC2 is highly flexible which means it can be resized and the count of the instances can be scaled up and down depending upon the requirement. These instances can be set up across several geographical regions depending on the Availability Zones. Every region has multiple AZ spread across various locations that are connected via low latency networks. 

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What is an Instance?

Typically an instance is a virtual server that exists in the Amazon EC2 which enables the applications to run on the AWS framework.  It's a web service interface where an AWS user can send a request to the virtual server in the AWS cloud. Amazon EC2 provides AWS subscriber to hire the virtual server on a rental basis per hour which is scalable, and it can be scaled up or down depending on the requirement. There are several instances and its charged based on the type of Instance chosen. AWS caters several instances which can be chosen according to the business requirements of the subscriber. 

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How does AWS EC2 works?

Amazon EC2 is a web service framework which offers highly secure, resizable computing solutions within the AWS cloud space. It's specifically designed for developers to make the process of web clouding computer easier. Amazon EC2’s simple web service infrastructure provides you to set up the computing capacity smoothly as possible. It gives insights and provides full access to the computing resources which enables you to run on the Amazon cloud environment.

It saves money and time needed to boot the new server instances in minutes which allows you to scale the computing capacity depending upon the requirement. It provides you scalability as you only pay for what you use. Amazon EC2 gives developers the required tools to design stable applications which can withstand the failure and later segregate them from common failures. 

Working Process of Amazon EC2

 AWS EC2 Pricing Details

Amazon EC2 uses per-second billing, which means that you only pay for your use.  It deducts the price of the minute unused minutes and seconds in the bill which allows you to concentrate more on enhancing the existing application rather than maximizing the usage till an hour. It’s particularly beneficial for gaming applications which use instances at random intervals of time for testing, and batch processing.  The usage is billed on seconds basis. The Amazon EC2 billing is available across zones which is:

  • Based On Demand,  Reserved and Spot Instances. 
  • Available across all zones and  regions. 
  • Amazon Linux and Ubuntu

 Amazon EC2 Pricing

As a subscriber when you sign up for AWS, you are entitled to use the AWS free trial.  
Amazon EC2  provides on the go pricing features and options for instances:

On-Demand Instances

Pay for the instances you need on seconds basis, and there is no signing for any long-term contracts or bulk payments. 

Reserved Instances

Select the instance and pay once and back it up for one year basis. You are entitled to pay lower rates for reserved instances. Selecting reserved instances helps you save money and flexibility, it offers great discounts in comparison to the on-demand instances. Reserved instances assist you to reserve your capacity to set up the instances when you need them. 

Spot Instances

Spot instances are reserve computing volume within the AWS cloud space which are available at low prices when compared to on the demand pricing. It’s a cost-efficient method to reserve the computing space on the AWS cloud and scale up or down the storage up to 10 times at the same cost. Opting for Spot Instance helps you save nearly 90% of the On-demand pricing.  Its Request unused EC2 instances, which can lower your costs significantly.

The main variation in between On-Demand and Spot instance is that in spot instances EC2 disrupts the notification by 2 minutes, it happens only when EC2 requires to revoke its capacity back. EC2 can be used for several fault tolerance which includes test environments, serverless architectures, image rendering, machine learning and premium quality performance workloads.

EC2 Spot is firmly combined with the rest of the AWS services such as EMR, Auto Scaling, Elastic Container Service (ECS), CloudFormation which gives you the flexibility to choose from and how you set up and handle applications running via spot instances. 

Dedicated Instances

They run on the virtual private cloud which is committed to a single user or a customer. Dedicated instances are remotely placed at the hardware level to other instances which are not dedicated instances. You can opt to pay for dedicated instances and save considerably. Also, you can use dedicated hosts to set up EC2 instances which are committed for your use, and they offer better visibility and allow better control to monitor how the instances are set up on physical servers.

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What are the Advantages of AWS EC2?

1. Elastic Web Interface Computing

Amazon EC2 enables you to scale up or down in minutes. Amazon EC2  auto-scaling can be used to scale the fleet up or down based on the requirement for better performance and lower the cost. 

2. Flexible Cloud Hosting Services

You have the flexibility to choose from the several existing instance types, OS, etc. Amazon EC2 allows you to choose the desired configuration, storage and boot partition capacity which best fits for your OS. 

3. Integrated

Amazon EC2 is combined with the majority of the AWS services including Amazon S3, Amazon VPC, Amazon RDS to provide highly secure and full-fledged computing solutions which can be used across several applications. 

4. Reliable 

Amazon EC2 provides very secured and stable environment where the instances can be replaced. Amazon EC2 SLA is available across all Amazon EC2 zones. 

5. Secure

Cloud Security is the most important factor at AWS. You can gain advantage from features providing data center and architecture which are designed to fulfill the needs of highly secure organizations. Amazon EC2 works in partnership with Amazon VPC to create stable networks for your computing needs. 

6. Cost Efficient

Amazon EC2 provides several financial advantages over its autoscaling. You only pay for what your computing needs thus you can save as it saves the usage in seconds.

7. Easy to Start

There are multiple ways, to begin with, Amazon EC2. There are other options such as AWS Console and AWS SDKs.

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