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Visual Analytics:

In Tableau each and every analysis we can able to perform in the form of visuals with the help of brand new features like “sets, “Visual groups”, “New Marks Cards”, “VIZQL, etc.

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Fast Performance: Tableau with its state of arts features like performance records, Tableau data engine (TDE), fast graphics etc gives us at least 10 times faster performance than any other BI platform currently.

AnyData: Tableau can able to connect to structured, Semi structured data like databases, data warehouse, online data like Salesforce, Big Data, files, etc.

Business Integration: Tableau is tightly coupled with any kind of business domain. It means it can able to analyze any domain data like sales, finance, Health Care, Retail etc, without any difficulty.
Reporting and Data Analysis: Tableau is the single platform that can able to perform both the data reporting and data analysis.

Self Service BI: In Tableau area the end clients can able to work the application and perform the required changes very easily, because Tableau was designed by keeping end clients in mind, but not the developers.

Web and Mobile Authoring: In Tableau after building the visualization we can able to share them across the mobiles and even we can integrate them with the help of website, Blogs automatically.

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