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The term Big Data is applied to the set of data where the size of the data is beyond the capability of the generally used software tools to manage, capture and procedure the series of actions within the given time elapse. According to the report provided by IDC, the content in the digital world will reach to the heights of billion terabytes plus of data with which it becomes highly tough to be sustainable for managing and structuring the data for the concepts under the Big Data categorization as Volume, Velocity and Variety. To avoid the big data capabilities, it ties up with the most flexible business intelligence platform Qlikview which turns the data into knowledge. The most adorable features of Qlikview Big data is its flexibility to adapt to the data, technology associative in nature, it offers speed of thought, analytics within the self service with the big data which was a critical and effective success for getting numerous organizations almost close to 24000 plus organizations reach and use to analyse their data with the help of Qlikview big data to enhance their business insights.

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Big data detects new trends in the market and discovers the fraud data or the duplications in the data which became an added advantage to the big data. The other specific and most fascinating feature of Big data is its expansion towards its capability of data storage with which most of the business users such as managers of product, business, marketing, sales, advertising, game designing business, and customer service company’s utilize the advanced features of Big data and got furnished by using it for making decisions which is mandatory on daily basis. These Big data helped most of the business for longer time in every aspect of their business needs and gained a deeper understanding about the structure of the big data and enjoyed comfort using it. But within no time, most organizations came up with the concept of extra and prominent capability self service where the users can remix and re engineer the big data to achieve new insights with plenty of dimensions available. Where in real time, IT industry’s got the requirement for tremendous solutions with analytics that can handle billions amount of data within a self service manner. Then Qlikview came into the picture where it can merge with big data and can harvest the value of the big data. Henceforth, most IT and non IT business users got attracted towards Qlikview analytics application which enables the business users to seamlessly maintain million rows of data.

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What is Qlikview?

Qlikview is a Business Intelligence platform which offers business discovery for every business user in all organizations. Qlikview ways out a clear path for your business insights. By using Qlikview, the analyzation of data will be eased out, can be helpful for discovery of your data and it supports in decision making. Qlikview has a beneficiary feature which assists you and your colleagues to reach collaborative decision making. The core of qlikview is about software engineer which is patented which in turn generates new views of the data on its fly. Qlikview has an specialised feature of delivering an associative experience for every data used for analysing irresponsible of where the data is been stored. Using Qlikview, we can perform, retrieve the data, and access the data at anytime and anywhere whenever required.

What is Big Data?

In short, Big Data is referred to be as the size of data which matters more in every action performance in the data we have. Big Data is a term of data groups which are too large and complex. Big Data also refers to the use of predictive analysis, user behaviour analysis and definite other advanced data analytics method which can be extracted from data.   Big data has a challenge of its three dimensions: Volume, Variety and Velocity. As per 2015, Big data has a volume of 8 billion terabytes of data in the world; Variety types are Structured, Unstructured and Semi structured; Velocity means updates of machine status and streaming data etc.,. it became challenging task for businesses to achieve agile property when finding new insights for most emerging types of data and content.

Henceforth every business is running hard to harvest finding new solutions on a daily basis support to ease their process of data storage, retrieval and other performances on their data.

Frequently Asked QlikView Interview Questions & Answers

Handling Big Data along with Qlikview:

Qlikview along with big data is the admirable combination for finding more insights for the business users.:

  • Consolidate data which is relevant from several sources, including Big Data archives
  • Chooses the method which is most relevant for you and your IT infrastructure
  • Make optimal use of existing investments in Big Data infrastructure or data warehouses
  • Gain access to Big Data’s complex data modelling or programming
  • Investigate associations between Big Data and traditional data
  • Visualise Big Data with existing, advanced graphics
  • Gain access to and analyse Big Data on mobile devices
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The approaches of Qlikview along with the big data community are:

Analysis of memory:

Qlikview provides a great solution which is fast and powerful for the analysis of memory.

App on Demand – API:

This API technique enables Qlik apps to create temporary application or session applications or permanently applications based on the inputs provided.

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Direct Query:

Few cases we may require large amount of data with high speed where Qlikview helps with its Query mode feature. By using we can get the data accordingly as per our need with fast speed and accurate results.


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