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QlikView Vs Tableau Vs Looker Comparison

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Getting the best Business Intelligence platform is vital in enhancing your company’s productivity.

Even though Qlikview, Tableau and Looker are classified under Business Intelligence, they are certain differentiation among them. Let us have a look at their features in brief:

Feature QlikView Tableau Looker
Overview QlikView is data discovery product that creates guided analytics applications for business challenges. Tableau is a data analytics platform that help businesses make better business decisions. Looker is a data-discovery platform that help businesses make better business decisions.
Year Founded 1993 2003 2012
Data Collection, Storage and Access   Doesn’t perform data collection and storage. Database collects and stores data. Tableau supports more data sources. It supports analytic databases. Doesn’t perform data collection and storage. Database collects and stores data. Looker supports using Analytic databases.
Data Modeling QlikView provides gamut amount of functionalities that are perfect for Data Modeling. Tableau follows Snowflake and Star Schema Data Model. It is Looker’s core strength. LookML is their data modeling layer. It provides analysts with sophisticated tools to build high-end analytics. 
Empower business users to customize reports on an ad-hoc basis.
Data Visualization Qlik turns data into insights across all aspects of business. Powerful Data Visualization options. Makes the best chart out of your CSV data. Create and configure charts with Looker Data Visualizations.
Pricing _ Tableau is more expensive than Looker. _
Integration Extensive APIs integrate QlikView into Business Applications. QlikView also supports integration with Salesforce _ Looker offer open APIs for integration with third-party applications.
Business Size Small Business, Medium Enterprises and Large Businesses. Medium Enterprises and Large Businesses. Small Business, Medium Enterprises and Large Businesses.
Popular Customers Sony, Cisco, Deloitte, Tommy Hilfiger. Deloitte, Pandora and Citrix. Sony, Yahoo! And Etrox.
Analytics Features 1. Self-Service and Guided Analytics
2. Embedded Data Driven Applications
2. Predictive Analytics
3. Trend Indicators
4. Ad Hoc Analysis
1. Trend Indicators
2. Ad Hoc Analysis
Reporting Features 1. Centralized Apps
2. Data Integration
3. Advanced Reporting
1. Financial Forecast
2. Multiple Languages
3. Graphic Benchmark Tools
1. Customizable Features
2. Performance Measurements
Operating Systems Windows, Mac. Windows, Mac. Windows, Mac and Linux.
Alternatives Main competitors are Tibco Spotfire, Visokio Omniscope. Main competitors of Tableau are Birst and Sisense. Main competitors of Looker are Sisense Prism and Adaptive Insights.

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