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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn AWS & Get Certified

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Introduction of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is nothing but an on-demand delivery system which provides computing power, database storage, applications and other IT resources. All of this service is provide on-demand or go with pay as you go.

The Cloud computing environment can accommodate any time of applications whether an application which shares your images across other millions of mobile users or it is a business-critical application. All of these can be executed and operated at low cost IT resources.

It provides a safe access to the servers, storages, databases and provides a lot of application services other the internet.  One such Cloud computing services are Amazon's AWS.

AWS stands for Amazon Web services. Their cloud services are offered to small-scale companies and also start-up companies where they cannot afford or invest in building up Infrastructure needs. Due to their pay, as you go service model, they have become popular in the IT service market. Also, Amazon has the IT department to support all of these functions. If the system administrators are continuing their legacy hardware related monitoring jobs then it is going to be difficult for them to manage the system administrations when AWS is used. So it is best to upgrade their knowledge also get used to the new cloud computing environment.

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn AWS And Get Certified

Who & Why you Should Learn AWS - Top 10 Reasons:

1. Widely Available:

The use of Amazon Web services is widely done across the globe because of its Pay as you go service. This means that the businesses or individuals will be paying only for the resources they have used. This is one of the best major marketing points for AWS and that's how they have been popular.

The environment is simple to use and doesn’t take much time to get used to it. Also, there is no need for any infrastructure because everything is available in AWS cloud.
This is a perfect start for individuals because it is low on budget so it is pocket-friendly and has a lot of support from the community.

2. The Flexibility of Cloud Computing Sources:

Another factor which made AWS popular in the market is because of its flexibility.  The biggest problems that organizations and small scale companies actually go through is a guessing game in terms of the infrastructure needs. Most of the time while deploying the applications, the organizations tend to look for the higher amount of resources and in reality, these extra resources sit idle and end up not using. This results in a lot of wastage in terms of resources and also the money spent on this.

This has been realized by the organizations they have started using AWS services into their routine. By accommodating AWS in their standard process, a lot of employees are needed to be trained. Thus creating a lot of demand for this new skill. A lot of opportunities are available for individuals in the organizations. So it is in the best interest to start developing or learning skills which are very useful for AWS implementation.

So the organizations end up using the resources that are actually needed and end up paying for the used resources only. So low infrastructure cost for them in total.

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3. AWS is the Next Big Thing:

According to the Gartner’s report, Amazon’s AWS service is considered to be one of the top companies which offer value-added service to their uses. Compared to the Azure and Google Cloud computing platforms, AWS is offering a lot more than just cloud computing services.

It doesn’t matter, whether you are a database administrator or web developers or Internet of Things developer or Artificial Intelligence Developer ( the list goes on and on), everything is possible with AWS as their services are expanding on day to day basis. This means that everyone has something to learn from this. As they are offering a lot of other unique services where using it will lead to Innovations.

4. AWS Certifications are Feasible and Easy to Achieve:

Unlike other computing platforms, it requires extensive training and dedicated time from the users to get certified. That’s not the case with Amazon Web services, they offer a more practical way of offering certifications where the users don’t have to go through an extensive learning curve and doesn’t need to quit their job to get certified. This doesn’t mean that it is very easy to get certified but it is not that hard as it is compared to its competitors.

The certification has three tiers:

Associate Tier:
In this tier, the individual can go through the following certifications:

  • Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • Certified Developer Associate
  • Certified Sysops Administrator Associate

Professional Tier:
This tier is for individuals where they can project their skills in the market and grab next big opportunity:

  • Certified Solutions Architect professional
  • Devops Professional

Speciality Tier:
This tier is for individuals and professionals where they can give their support to the market and also involve themselves in modeling an innovative product:

  • Security
  • Advanced Networking
  • Big data

The best way to get used to the AWS terminology is to go through Certified Solution Architect Associate. By going through this certification, the individual will be able to understand all the basics of the AWS ecosystem and also understand more deeply about their core services.

5. DevOps Functionality:

With the DevOps came into the picture, the teams have been started implementing the new processes for production deployments and made it a mandatory standard to follow.

This helps the development teams to unit test their modules on the fly and also with the continuous integration the teams will be able to evaluate the overall solution at once. This helps the testing cycle to go through with efficiency and also gets a quality product as an output.

Using the AWS services, the teams can monitor, function, regulate the processes easily and efficiently. It is definitely an added value for the individuals to get certified in this aspect by going through Sysops Associate Certificate. This will help you to be aware of the necessary knowledge on DevOps implementation. Doing this will help you get the required promotion and also an expected salary package.

6. High Paying Jobs:

If you are looking for your next dream job or expecting a six-figure salary then going through AWS way is definitely a worth exploring option. It adds value to your profile and also companies with these unique set of skills are appreciated and given a high-level opportunity within the organizations to implement complex applications.

Some of the best certifications that an individual can go through are:

  • Amazon web services certified solutions Architect- Associate level, professional level

The salary is also dependant on external factors like an area where you are going to be working, the number of years experiences you are offering to the company, skills and last but not the least is the work potential.

Having these unique set of qualifications and also certifications will help you get all the deals you need in your career.

7. No Limitations in terms of Certifications:

The AWS has a lot of offer and one can get enough of this platform. They offer two types of cloud computing, i.e.

  • Paas ( platform as a service)
  • Saas ( software as a service)

With the use of Amazon Workspaces ( Desktop computing service) enterprise applications can be built with low infrastructure costs.  All the day to day services like emails can be done with the use of Amazon WorkMail ( i.e. nothing but an email service)

It has lot to offer in terms of databases:

It doesn’t matter what are your application needs are, AWS offers a wide range of databases which satisfy and be a fit for your application requirements. With Amazon RDS, i.e. Relational Database Service, we will be able to use the regular database engines.

So getting certified on these platforms will make you stand out from the crowd and grabs the recruiter attention if you are applying for any new jobs. This will help you to fetch good salary packages and also elevates your profile.

8. AWS Analytics:

The AWS offers a wide range of analytics service and platforms where you will be able to explore the data completely in a different way. Using these services you will be able to work on data warehousing, business intelligence, batch processing and machine learning etc. These services are extremely flexible and very simple to use so that the data can be put to work quickly and easily.

So it is a boon for individuals who are into database warehousing, experts in ETL process. Getting yourself exposure towards your AWS analytics will definitely help you to understand all the basics that one needs and makes you competent.

Some of the unique offerings where the individuals can concentrate on are:

  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon QuickSight
  • Amazon Machine learning
  • AWS Data Pipeline.


We all know that IOT is the next big thing that has happened in the current years. They are a lot of practical uses where the world is concentrating on. AWS IOT offers a unique platform where all the devices can be connected to the cloud in no time.  The services offered by AWS support HTTP, Websockets, MQTT and lightweight communication protocols.

So if you are building up IOT applications then you are on the right track where the future is driven. Getting to know more about AWS IOT services will help you be in a better place.

10. Can develop Mobile Applications:

With the help of AWS service, we can develop mobile applications as well where the scalability is not at all an issue.  Mobile app features that are must and should have in the app are like user authentication, data storage, content delivery, backend logic, analytics all go hand in hand using the AWS services.

Some of the services that are worth mentioning here are:

  • AWS mobile hub
  • Amazon API gateway
  • Amazon Cognito
  • AWS Device Farm
  • Amazon Mobile Analytics etc

Based on your interest or your profile that you are currently working, AWS has to offer something or the other. By going through their services in detailed and getting necessary certifications will definitely help you to get the dream job and the necessary salary.
Get ready to work with the next generation of cloud computing environments where everything is achievable.

AWS has to something to offer for all the professionals who are into the following streams:

  1. Computing
  2. Storage and Content Delivery
  3. Database
  4. Networking
  5. Analytics
  6. Enterprise application building
  7. Internet of Things
  8. Mobile app development
  9. Developer Tools
  10. Management Tools
  11. Security and Identity
  12. Game development

So understanding your stream of the area and going through their certifications will help you achieve the next career move.

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