After, having learned the basic functionality of SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for OLAP, we are now going to take a look at the more advanced capabilities of the product. In the next sections, you will learn about topics such as adding calculations, adding hierarchical charts, configuring focused navigation, and many other advanced features.

Using “Auto Update”

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for OLAP provides you with a feature called “Auto Update” which allows you to stop the interaction with the SAP NetWeaver BW server by still being able to navigate in the data. Especially when your consumer of the workspace does have a low bandwidth network connection, this feature can be very helpful.

In our example, we are going to use a workspace based on your BEx query that was created in BEX QUERIES FOR ACTIVITIES IN SAP BO ANLAYSIS. Our workspace now shows the characteristics Country and Region in the Rows and all the available key figures in the columns (see Figure 5.1).

Analysis Workspace

Figure 5.1 Analysis Workspace

1. In the existing workspace navigate to the top right corner of your workspace (see Figure 5.2).

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Auto Update
Figure 5.2 Auto Update

2. Click Auto Update. The option Auto Update is activated by default. Clicking on it will disable it.

Workspace with Auto Update activated

Figure 5.2 Workspace with Auto Update activated

The cross tab in our workspace is now shown with a light grey foreground (see Figure 5.3) to visually show to you, that the data in this component is not being updated automatically.

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3. Now exchange characteristic Region with characteristic Product using a simple drag and drop navigation by dragging characteristic Product on top of the characteristic Region in the Rows. Because we switched off the Auto Update option, we cannot drag and drop the characteristic Product onto the cross tab, but we can do so in the Rows area of the Layout Panel.
4. Now navigate back to the top right corner (see Figure 5.4).

Auto Update
Figure 5.4 Auto Update

5. You can now use the Refresh button and manually refresh your cross tab, but keep the Auto Update option disabled, or you can click on Auto Update to enable the option again.
6. Click on the Refresh button to refresh the cross tab manually.
7. Click on Auto Update to enable the option.
8. Your cross tab is being updated and the light grey foreground is lifted off the cross-tab.

Scope of Auto Update

The option to enable or to disable the Auto Update feature is based on each component in the workspace. You can select the component and enable or disable the Auto Update feature on a component (such as chart of cross tab) level.
In this section, we looked at the Auto Update capability, allowing you to stop the interaction with the SAP NetWeaver BW server so that you can reduce the network traffic. In the next section, we shall learn more about the option to have multiple connections in our workspace.

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