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GoBack, Refresh, MouseOver and Highlight commands - SELENIUM

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by Madhuri Yerukala
Last modified: September 18th 2020

Selenium Commands

Go Back

If user clicks Back button of the Browser, then we need to use below command
Simulates the user clicking the “back” button on their browser

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If the user wants to press the refresh key or button in browser.
Simulates the user clicking the “Refresh” button on their browser.

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Enter key simulation

If user press Enter button from key board, then we need to use below command.
      keyPress(locator, keySequence)

  • locator - an element locator
  • keySequence - Either be a string(“” followed by the numeric keycode of the key to be pressed, normally the ASCII value of that key), or a single character. For example: “w”, “119”.
  • Simulates a user pressing and releasing a key.

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If a user hover the mouse on an element

  • locator - an element locator
  • Simulates a user hovering a mouse over the specified element.

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If you want to execute specific step
locator - an element locator

Briefly changes the background Color of the specified element yellow. Useful for debugging.

  • Find
  • Find is a button in selenium IDE. Which is used to find the element.
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